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Ampetronic -AMP-FSM Induction loop Field Strength Meter

Induction loop Field Strength meter for measuring, setting up and commissioning an induction loop systems.

Chair loop for DLS. Sits under cushion or couch for simple loop installation – Ampetronic

This loop partners with the DLS personal loop, fitting under a seat cushion or couch, this product enables a quick and easy way to have a personal hearing assistance system up in and running in minutes.

Chair Personal Loop System – Ampetronic

The Ampetronic DLS is suitable for use in the home or office, wherever you might need to hear entertainment, communications or alarms. The amplifier can be installed in any indoor environment and used wherever you want to be.

The Ampetronic DLS transmits sound directly to a hearing aid or receiver as safe and invisible magnetic waves. The sound can be received when the user is within a loop, which can be very small ? as small as a single chair or sofa ? or which can be around a room or area up to 5 x 6m or 30m2 (a larger room or area can be used if a lower signal strength is acceptable which will depend greatly on your hearing aids or receiver).

The amplifier can take up to 4 different sound sources simultaneously, from a very wide range of possible sources including televisions, telephones, computers, doorbells, alerts and alarms, allowing you to fit the DLS system to match your lifestyle.

Kit contains connection cables, installation kit including 35m reel of cable, microphone and power supply. Other accessories available. DLS Domestic Loop Amp Associated Products

Church Hearing Loop Systems

3 Monkeys Audiovisual can design, install and commission your induction loop system. This may be a simple perimeter loop or single array or may require a more complex design such as a low loss or cancellation loop. Whether simple or complex, an experienced designer and installer should always be engaged to ensure you achieve the best possible result within your Church or House of Worship.

How do induction loops work?

An induction loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field, greatly reducing background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound.



Audio Inputs 1, either from an existing audio source such as a P.A. system or from dedicated microphone inputs feed an audio signal into an Induction Loop Amplifier 2. The amplifier drives a current into a Loop 3 or series of loops. As the current flows through the cable it creates a Magnetic Field 4 in the required area – careful loop and amplifier design ensures that the vertical component of the field is even and free of dropouts and dead zones wherever the user might be. Inside most Hearing Aids 5, a small coil known as a Telecoil 6 picks up the magnetic field signal, which is amplified into a high quality audio signal delivered directly to the ear of the hearing aid user.



Counter Induction Audio Loop – Ampetronic

The CLD1 Compact Loop Driver is designed for counter systems and small area perimeter loop systems. Measuring only 128 x 74 x 35mm and with an output current of 2.4A RMS, the CLD1 is the smallest and highest performance amplifier in it?s class.

Designed and built to Ampetronic?s high standards of reliability, and backed with a 5 year warranty and Ampetronic support, the CLD1 offers certainty of performance and the lowest lifetime cost available.

Audio quality is ensured with metal loss correction combined with Ampetronic?s usual high standards of design. The CLD1 is designed for flexibility and convenience, featuring 2 independent microphone inputs with independent level controls, one of which can be switched to a line input.

All cable connections are made on a single face of the unit, adding flexibility and further simplifying installation.


  • Low lifetime cost
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Very compact
  • Choice of microphone and pre-formed loop in counter kit
  • 2 independent inputs featuring 1 mic input and 1 switchable mic/line input
  • Metal loss compensation
  • All connections to a single face for installation convenience
  • 12V DC or external AC power pack supplied as standard.
  • Free technical support


  • Ticket and service counters
  • Retail counters
  • Information kiosks
  • Reception desks
  • Interview rooms
  • Small meeting rooms
  • Taxis and private cars

Kit Forms

The CLD1 compact loop driver can be ordered as a stand alone loop driver or as part of a kit for a specific application.

Counter loop kits comprise 1 x CLD1, 1 x pre-formed loop, 1 x microphone (choice), 1 x loop present sign, 1 x installation guide and 1 x power supply (region specific).