Beats GX – Gym

Our client was opening a modern studio gym offering both live and virtual classes. They wanted an exciting and large LED wall behind instructors stage as well as a Lighting system, Acoustic treatment and a PA system for the space.

Our solution:

A state of the art LED wall was installed and connected to Clients Les Mills system.

Lighting was supplied in the form of three cable suspended lighting bars containing colour changing LED par cans, profiles and fresnles. Par cans were pointed at ceiling suspended acoustic clouds which supplied not only the required audio dampening but also looked aesthetically amazing as they changed colour around the room.

Audio system was flown from ceiling and a powerful subwoofer was installed side of stage complementing both the visual led wall and light show.

LED lights all controlled via a pre-programmed simple to operate light controller installed on wall side of stage.

Franks Texas Smoke House

Our Client was opening a new restaurant with an American smoke house theme, they requested clear and even background music throughout restaurant, both inside and outside.

Our solution:

Designed and installed a reticulated 100 volt line audio system with amplifier and mixer situated in manager’s office and weatherproof speakers installed throughout.

Bethel Independent-Presbyterian Church

Our Client wanted us to design and install new energy efficient LED lighting system with profile and Fresnel lights as well as LED par cans with a state of the art lighting console. They also wanted to stream and record their services and purchase new high powered projectors.

Our solution:

Following extensive site visits and designs, new solutions were installed covering their lighting, projection and recording/streaming requirements

St John Bosco College

Recently built state of the art school with performing arts / assembly area requiring audio system for assemblies, performances etc.

Our Client also required an audio solution for large outdoor sporting events and Christmas concerts outdoors on sports oval.

Our solution:

Speakers flown from ceiling and a Triple PA was designed and installed in performing arts centre. Additional speakers (4 of) were supplied and used with their Triple PA system for outdoor use.

Form Fitness – Gym

Exciting new gym being built and although a challenging budget was required to be met we designed and installed audio systems for:

  • Cafe area
  • Main work out floor area
  • Rear weights room
  • Pilates / yoga room

Our solution:

Simple to operate and highly effective audio systems installed comprising of flown ceiling suspended speakers (where applicable) and ceiling speakers for main workout area.

Tapping Primary School

Recently enclosed undercover area has now become a state of the art performing arts/assembly area. Curtain required at rear of stage as well as a stage lighting system.

Our solution:

Curtain designed and installed along with two lighting bars, led par cans and programmable lighting console.