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3 Monkeys AV have a refreshing cutting edge approach to sound and vision for the hospitality industry such as bars and cafe. We work closely with you or your interior designer and management to find solutions that fit your decor and budget, while providing the highest level of audio and visual quality possible.

To ensure that nothing gets overlooked `a tried and tested multiple check point system to the design process.

Below are some of the issues we address with our systems to make operating your hospitality venue seamless and thoroughly enjoyable!

Audio Coverage.

Every bar, restaurant, cafe or club seeks to maximise their patrons’ enjoyment through the creation of atmosphere, and usually, most importantly through the use of an audio system.

3 Monkeys use modern reticulated audio system designs that ensure even coverage throughout your venue, eliminating the unfortunately familiar experience of being seated near a speaker that is too loud, or being unable to hear what others at the table or bar area are saying.

Our systems are individually designed to suit your specific application. They are scalable to suit any venue and maximise coverage while ensuring overall volume is minimised.

Not only do our systems enhance general atmosphere, but they can also significantly reduce sound levels to neighbouring businesses or residences.


While our systems are designed to maximise atmosphere for patrons, we have also developed a means of controlling these systems that ensure simplicity and ease of use for staff.

We combine the control of both audio and video equipment into a one touch central control unit.  This removes the complexity of adjusting volume levels across different areas and routing of music and video to multiple entertainment zones.Our control systems can also restrict access to authorised staff.   Volume levels can be restricted, protecting patrons and your investment in equipment.


With carefully considered control devices, 3 Monkeys systems can also be automated. Pre-selected volume levels, music or video programming can be set to be automatically initiated at different times of the day, depending on the anticipated clientele and required atmosphere.

For example, it is possible to select and pre-program easy listening and moderate volume levels for afternoon patrons with volume and music choices automatically increasing in intensity for evening patrons.

Configurations are recalled throughout all the entertainment zones of your venue and can be staff initiated with the one touch control panel or automatically triggered at a pre-selected time.

At 3 Monkeys AV, we are dedicated to providing the audio-visual equipment that will suit your needs and budget. Call (08) 9228 1681 to Get a Quote or advice for your AV needs.