Acoustic Treatments

Primacoustic Broadway is a range of high performance fabric covered acoustic panels designed for use in applications where superior acoustic performance is desired and safety is of utmost concern.

Made from high density 6lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool, Broadway panels have up to six times greater density than typical foam panels for balanced absorption throughout the audio listening range. Each panel is fully encapsulated with micromesh and edges are resin hardened to assure safe handling during installation. Panels are then covered in a tough yet acoustically transparent fabric and offered in three ‘architecturally neutral’ colors with choice of square or bevelled edges. Panels may alternately be re-covered with any breathable fabric to suit those with greater artistic flare.

Active Audio – Ray-On 100

Ray-On 100 is a 1m high passive column
loudspeaker that should be mounted
Its acoustical performances
are very close to DSP loudspeakers ones thanks to the DGRC principle.
With a nominal range of 20m, it offers a high
quality sound for medium spaces such
as conference rooms, airports, train
stations, churches, shopping malls, amusement parks, etc.
Like every column of the Ray-On range,
R100TC can be switched between a low
impedance mode and a 70/100V
mode, and be used indoor and
It is available in a EN54-24 certified version under the reference R100TC.

Church Hearing Loop Systems

3 Monkeys Audiovisual can design, install and commission your induction loop system. This may be a simple perimeter loop or single array or may require a more complex design such as a low loss or cancellation loop. Whether simple or complex, an experienced designer and installer should always be engaged to ensure you achieve the best possible result within your Church or House of Worship.

How do induction loops work?

An induction loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field, greatly reducing background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound.



Audio Inputs 1, either from an existing audio source such as a P.A. system or from dedicated microphone inputs feed an audio signal into an Induction Loop Amplifier 2. The amplifier drives a current into a Loop 3 or series of loops. As the current flows through the cable it creates a Magnetic Field 4 in the required area – careful loop and amplifier design ensures that the vertical component of the field is even and free of dropouts and dead zones wherever the user might be. Inside most Hearing Aids 5, a small coil known as a Telecoil 6 picks up the magnetic field signal, which is amplified into a high quality audio signal delivered directly to the ear of the hearing aid user.



At 3 Monkeys AV we are professionals in PA systems. We have over 60 years of collective experience and we are dedicated to getting the right gear for the right job.

We are driven to design the best PA systems for your church or house of worship. We have installed PA systems in churches and houses of worship all around Western Australia. Our PA systems are praised by churches and houses of worship all around Western Australia for their ease of use and high quality electronics.

We use the latest and highest quality electronics in our PA systems. Our PA systems are designed for high performance usage for long periods of time. We handle everything from designing the system, installation and training.

We offer a free site inspection and system plan worth $250. We assess your room and take all required measurements and digital photos  for a desired system plan. We offer free advice and assistance on what you want to achieve in your audio visual system. Following our system analysis, we then design a system plan that takes into account your specific requirements and needs. Finally, you are presented with a detailed proposal including system design options, product information and an itemised budget (NOT a bundled price with hidden costs). Our three stage analysis system ensures we design a system to fit your exact requirements and needs.