Church Hearing Loop Systems

3 Monkeys Audiovisual can design, install and commission your induction loop system. This may be a simple perimeter loop or single array or may require a more complex design such as a low loss or cancellation loop. Whether simple or complex, an experienced designer and installer should always be engaged to ensure you achieve the best possible result within your Church or House of Worship.

How do induction loops work?

An induction loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field, greatly reducing background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound.



Audio Inputs 1, either from an existing audio source such as a P.A. system or from dedicated microphone inputs feed an audio signal into an Induction Loop Amplifier 2. The amplifier drives a current into a Loop 3 or series of loops. As the current flows through the cable it creates a Magnetic Field 4 in the required area – careful loop and amplifier design ensures that the vertical component of the field is even and free of dropouts and dead zones wherever the user might be. Inside most Hearing Aids 5, a small coil known as a Telecoil 6 picks up the magnetic field signal, which is amplified into a high quality audio signal delivered directly to the ear of the hearing aid user.



WIRSYS1 Infrared Hearing Assistance System – Williams Sound

This system is the complete hearing assistance solution for medium size rooms. Listeners wear wireless receivers to hear the proceeds anywhere in a approximate 2600 m2 (28,000 ft2) area. For the severely hard of hearing, the receiver can be equipped with a neckloop (included) to amplify their telecoil equipped hearing aid. The system ensures privacy and security as the system cannot be heard outside of the room in which it is operating.

About Induction Loops

Induction loops, also called hearing loops,  are often the most practical, cheapest and lowest maintenance solution for giving good quality access to the hearing impaired, and is therefore becoming the most widely used solution around the world.

Once installed, a loop works for years without any maintenance cost for the owner of the venue. And not to forget – the hearing aid wearers do not need to pay for any extra receiver – the receiver is already built-in in their hearing aid! They just switch their hearing aids to T-position and enjoy the sound. That is real freedom!

For a number of reasons there are situations when a induction loop system cannot be installed, – in these situations we can recommend either a Wireless RF (Radio Frequencies) or IR System – please feel free to contact us for assistance on the system best suited for your Church.