Fitness Audio Sound System System For 100-200 People

Complete Portable Sound System with Wireless Microphones for Sporting and Social Clubs Meetings

Battery operated completely wireless unit for in and outdoor use suitable for 100 – 200 people

Supplied complete with a Hand Held wireless microphone, system stand, and  protection cover.


At 3 Monkeys AV, we have a large range of portable PA’s to cater to any application.
We have over 60 years of collective experience in PA’s and where determined to make sure you get the right PA for your application.




Most Portable PA’s come with a range of optional Portable PA Accessories and in a range of different designs. Feel free to Contact Us for more advice if you need to, or go ahead and browse the online descriptions or brochures for more detail.

All our portable PA’s are simple to set up and use, but 3 Monkeys AV provide an Optional Customer Care Package which includes delivery, setup, a personal 1 on 1 training session and 12 months access to our personal phone and email support system. (Perth Metro Area Only)

We also provide a Portable PA Service package where we test and check all functions of your PA System, provide a comprehensive report on the condition of your batteries and list any replacement parts or repairs that are required.

Large – Mipro MA-808

This system is the flagship model from Mipro, one of the industry leaders in portable wireless PA systems. It is a rugged, bi-amplified unit, designed with versatility in mind. It has clear and powerful sound, thanks to a class-AB amplifier for the HF driver and high efficient class-D amplifier for the large 10-inch woofer and a 1.5-inch titanium compression driver.

The system is filled with useful features such as

  • Facility for up to 4 optional wireless microphone receiver modules.
  • Optional CD/USB player
  • Wireless interlinking transmitter to extend to another unit
  • Battery level indicator – never get caught short of battery life again.

It can be used either indoors or outdoors at any demanding venue, making it a truly portable system. This portable PA perfect for schools, institutions, rallies, sporting events, trade shows, weddings, worship venues, business presentations – practically any event imaginable.

Large – Chiayo Victory 2000

This system is the flagship model from Chiayo, one of the industry leaders in portable PA systems.
The Victory 2000 has high efficiency output power with inbuilt mono BTL digital amplifier power stage.
Truly wireless PA – Battery operation eliminates all cables so you can take it anywhere!
The PA speaker system is composed of a two-way speaker with passive crossovers with a maximum output of 200w.
The Victory 2000 is powered by 2 built in, rechargeable lead-acid batteries that supply 24V DC. The Victory 2000 also has a 100-240V AC switch mode power supply.

The system includes many features like,

  • Up to four UHF PLL diversity wireless mic receivers
  • 2 XLR/Jack combo connectors for wired mic input
  • 2 Outputs: LINE OUT、ACTIVE OUT
  • Controls: MIC Input, Line Volume, Bass, Treble, Master Volume
  • Line input & outputs via dual RCA jacks
  • The CD/USB player can be remotely operated from both front and rear of unit
  • Available Versions:
    CD player (USB 2.0)/(USB 2.0 + pitch control)
    DVD player
    Digital recorder player

Medium – Mipro MA 707
This system from Mipro has become an industry standard, Compact, Lightweight, Clear and loud sound quality.Ideal for just about any PA application, like schools, seminars, conferences, worship centres, exhibitions, aerobics, shopping center presentations, sporting functions, and any medium-large scale venues.
Available with a number of options as listed below, here are just some of its special features:

  • Retractable handle and handy wheel, ensures portability over any distance.
  • High impact enclosure design.
  • Rechargable Acid Lead batteries and AC switching power supply with provides up to 8 hours of continuous use.
  • Accecpts up to 2 wireless microphone receivers and 2 wired mircophones.
  • Optional CD player.
  • Built in storage compartment for microphones, cables, spare batteries and any other accessories.

Medium – Chiayo Challenger 1000

The is Challenger 1000 is Chiayos mid range portable PA, and is the industry standard for portable PA’s.
The Challenger 1000 has a high efficiency output power with inbuilt mono BTL digital amplifier stage.
It has a excellent aesthetic design built from a patented rugged aluminum enclosure and is easy to operate indoors or outdoors.
The speaker system consists of a 10″ full range speaker with a maximum output of 150w.
The unit comes with 2 built in rechargeable lead-acid batteries that last up to 6-8 hours with a full charge. The unit also has a 100-240V AV switch mode power supply.

Small – Mipro MA-705

The Mipro MA-705 sets a new benchmark for portable PA’s producing a large output of 70W in which weighs less than 10kg!
It supports up to 2 wireless microphone receivers and has a optional CD/USB player.
The unit has 2 lead-acid rechargeable which will last up to 8 hours on a full charge.
The PA can be stand or table mounted, has XLR and line level inputs and also has a line output for external recordings.
The MA-705 is ideal for just about any PA application, including schools, seminars, conferences, worship centres, exhibitions, aerobics, shopping center presentations, sporting functions, and any medium-large scale venues.
Can be carried via the built-in handle, on a shoulder strap or mounted on a mic stand. Ideal for classrooms, presentations, paging applications, fire fighters, law enforcement, search & rescue squads, tour guides and playground duty.

Small – Chiayo Focus 505

Focus 505 Portable Public Address System with One Wireless Handheld Microphone.

The Focus 505 has high efficiency output power with inbuilt 30W class-D ampifier.
The Focus 505 is a lightweight and powerful all-in-one system that is perfect for small presentations.
Features for this unit include,

  • 6″ full-range speaker system with maximum output of 50W
  • Band selection of wireless microphone system︰UHF/VHF
  • Single or Dual Channel wireless microphone operation
  • Anti-interference Pilotone circuitry means superior wireless reception
  • Inputs: Wired mic input、AUX Input (with dedicated volume controls)
  • Outputs: Extension Speaker、AUX Output
  • Individual Bass and Treble control
  • 100-240V AC switch mode power supply
  • 15V DC supply by 1 built-in rechargeable lead acid battery
  • Charging indicator LED and Smart Charge circuit

Small – Mipro MA-101ACT

The Mipro MA-101ACT is a wireless classroom PA system.

The system is designed so that each teacher can carry their own personal wireless microphone from classroom to classroom.
The MIPRO MA101ACT remote controlled wireless PA system allows a single MT-101ACT wireless mic to be operated in multiple rooms without cross-modulation.
Ideal for classrooms, training rooms and meeting rooms.
As well as the benefits to the audience of clearly amplified speech, this system will help to alleviate stress on the lecturer’s voice and has the hygienic bonus that each presenter can have their own microphone.

Features for this unit include,

  • Powerful 45W output.
  • Easy speaker mounting to wall or ceiling.
  • Compact ultra-lightweight and powered via rechargeable or disposable alkaline batteries.
  • Built-in 3.5mm mini-jack line-input (mono) accepts CD/iPod/mp3.
  • Featuring the Industry’s only all in one, versatile MT-101ACT transmitter microphone.
  • 24 operating hours per fast charge.