Looking to record high quality music and audio in your school? Then look no further!
The B level recording solution is perfect for schools that want to record anything from full scale band recordings to low scale voice recordings.

The recording software used in this system is Ableton 9, and is a industry standard in the field of audio engineering. Students and teachers can easily learn this powerful software with its user friendly user interface. Ableton 9 has a amazing workflow, and students and teachers will find themselves getting the hang of recording and mixing in no time!. The system includes the Mackie Big Knob studio command system, which enables you to easily control the levels in your studio.

The Audio interface used in this system is the Universal Audio Apollo interface. This interface is well known for its ability to produce a analogue sound in a digital environment. There is no longer a need to debate over analogue or digital equipment with an interface like this. Included in the audio interface is a bundle of Universal Audio plugins. These plugins emulate the best sounding music equipment in the world. All you need is a computer and the possibilities are endless.

The recording system comes with a pair of Mackie 8 inch studio monitors that are a industry standard for monitors. The monitors come with EQ switches, which enable you to tune your speakers in accordance with the room you are mixing in.

The microphones included in this package include dynamic and condenser microphones. The system includes a microphone kit for drum recording, dynamic microphones for any sort of instrument and condenser microphones for vocals and acoustic instruments. The system contains all the microphones you need for any recording you have in mind.

The recording package also includes other equipment such as studio quality headphones, headphone amplifier splitter, active and passive DI’s, a multicore, instrument and microphone cables and microphone stands.

Here is a detailed list of the equipment included in this package.