Whether you’re looking to record a small band, choir, singers, acoustic acts, audio for films or audio for games, this package is perfect for you!
This is the C level package we do and allows you to get a lot of recording and mixing done with a small budget.

The recording software included in this package is Ableton live 9. Ableton 9 is a industry standard piece of recording software, and is regarded highly by sound engineers around the world. Ableton 9 is easy to use and very versatile in a lot of audio applications. Students and teachers will be able to learn this software with ease with its easy to use user interface. Students and teachers will be able to do recording and mixing quicker than ever before with Abletons amazing workflow.

The C level recording package includes the Mackie Big Knob studio command system which allows you to control levels in the studio with ease.

Included in this recording package is the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo audio interface. This audio interface allows you to have 2 microphone inputs simultaneously and has amazing quality microphone pre amps. This audio interface also comes with the Universal Audio plugin bundle which allows the user to use ‘Real Time Analogue Classic’ plugins. These plugins allow the user to replicate the sound of high end analogue music gear with a digital piece of software. These plugins make your mix sound like you have used million dollar studio equipment by just using your computer!

The recording package includes two Mackie 5.25 inch studio monitors which are an industry standard in the studio environment. The Mackie studio monitors reproduce your recordings and mix downs accurately, and gives the user a good relative idea of how the mix sounds. The studio monitors come with adjustable frequency response switches, which allow you to change the frequency response of the speakers in conjunction with your studio set up. Example – If your speakers are producing too much high end frequencies in your room then you can adjust the high end frequency response on the monitors to compensate.

Extra equipment included in this package include, large diaphragm condenser microphones for vocal and acoustic recordings, open and closed studio headphones, a 10/2 multicore, instrument and microphone cables, a active DI box and microphone stands.

For more detailed information on the equipment included in this package please read below.