Projectors and other forms of display technology are becoming the most utilised educational resource in today’s modern classroom. Therefore it is essential to ensure audio visual devices are serviced regularly to ensure trouble free operation.

Developing an appropriate servicing schedule means that the technology in your school is maintained to the appropriate level, extending the life cycle of the school’s investment.

Many manufactures warranties are based upon the condition that the equipment is regularly maintained. Servicing your AV equipment therefore not only extends the life of your equipment but ensures the manufactures warranty is extended to the full provision.

Given the school’s significant investment in this technology, it is equally important to ensure accurate records are kept of the condition and usage of the AV equipment within each classroom. 3 Monkeys AV unique service reporting system enables the school to make informed decisions in regards to planning projector lamp replacements, and assisting your school to make informed decisions when planning upgrades or replacement decisions.

3 Monkeys AV have developed multiple classroom Audio-visual service options to assist your school to maintain your existing equipment and to be informed as to the current condition of your audio visual systems.

Request a quote online or call us on 9228 1681 to book a time for one of our friendly team members to come out and service your AV equipment.

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Classroom AV Service and Report

This comprehensive service package ensures the AV equipment in each classroom is fully operational, meeting manufactures warranty conditions, and enables the school to make informed forward planning decisions.

Classroom AV Test & Report Package

Ideal for those wanting to gain an understanding of the general condition of existing AV equipment within each classroom.