Accessories suitable for a Mipro MA708 Portable PA System

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MA708 Cover Bag

Protective carry & storage bag for MA-708 wireless PA system
Has pouches for transmitters and other accessories


MA708 Portable PA Extension Speaker

The extension speaker for the MA708 Portable PA System.

It is a passive wired extension speaker and comes with a 10m cable.

Mipro Bodypack transmitter – ACT32T-5

MIPRO Bodypack(beltpack) Transmitter can be connected with a lapel or headworn microphone.

LCD Status Screen. Runs on 2 x AA batteries. 5NB frequency band.

*Please note the microphones are separate.*

Compatible with: Mipro MU-53HN or MU53L.

MIPRO CD/USB Audio Player Module- CDM2

MIPRO CD/USB Audio Player Module that is suited for MA-505, MA-705, MA-708, MA-808.

Includes wireless remote control.

MIPRO CD/USB/Bluetooth Player Module – CDM-2B

MIPRO CD/USB and Bluetooth Audio Player Module.

Includes wireless remote control.

This module suits the MA-505, MA-705, MA-708, MA-808.

MIPRO Handheld Wireless Microphone – ACT-32H5

MIPRO Handheld Wireless Microphone with Supercardioid Condenser capsule.

Runs on 2 x AA batteries.

Frequency band = 5NB

Suitable with Mipro Portable PA unit: MA100/ MA202/ MA303/ MA505/ MA705/ MA707/ MA708/ MA808.

MIPRO Headworn Microphone – MU-53HN

MIPRO Headworn Microphone. Cardioid Condenser Microphone with 1.5m cable terminated in 4-pin mini XLR to suit all MIPRO body packs.

Colour is Black, also available in Beige.

MIPRO Lapel Microphone for Bodypack – MU53L

MIPRO Lapel Microphone to connect with a Mipro Bodypack Transmitters.

Compact 10mm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with 1.5m cable terminated in 4-pin mini XLR to suit all MIPRO bodypacks.

Colour is Black.

Mipro MA708 Battery – MB70

The Mipro MA708 Portable PA sealed Lead-acid Rechargeable Battery.

This Battery is also suitable with the Mipro MA707 & MA808 PA systems.

Mipro MA708 New Lithium Battery upgrade – MB80/MB15

Upgrade your existing Mipro MA708 Portable PA to light weight and longer lasting Lithium batteries.

This Kit includes 2 x Battery casings, 8 x MB-15 lithium batteries.



MIPRO Omni-Directional Headworn Microphone – MU-55HN

MIPRO Sub miniature Headworn Microphone for Bodypack Transmitters.

Only 4.5mm.

Omni-directional Condenser Microphone with 1.5m cable terminated in 4-pin mini XLR to suit all MIPRO bodypacks.

Inconspicuous, lightweight and waterproof.

Available in both Beige and Black.

MIPRO Speaker Stand

MIPRO Tripod Speaker Stand.

Suitable for a MA505, MA705, MA708, MA808

Adjustable from 111cm to 185cm.

Weight = 5.5kg

MIPRO USB/SD Audio Player/Recorder Module – DPM3

MIPRO USB/SD Audio Player/Recorder Module suitable for MA505, MA708 & MA808

Front control panel can be detached and used as a wireless USB/SD remote.

Portable PA Outdoor Extension Kit

The Outdoor Extension Kit is a dual horn and stand kit, which includes two horn speakers and stands and all cables required,

This speaker kit is compatible with the MA505, MA705, MA707, MA705 & MA808 Mipro portable PA systems.

The system is a perfect add on extension for Sports days, events or any other outdoor activity where you need maximum coverage.

Windsocks for handheld Microphones – MIPRO

External Windscreen for Mipro Hand Held Microphones (ACT32H/HC, ACT70H/HC and ACT80H/HC.

Colour = Black

Comes in a pack of 2.

These are often referred to as microphone foam covers and are great for blocking out the sound of wind.