3 Monkeys Audiovisual offer a large range of projectors, with many different sizes available suitable to suit different size of rooms and environments. Whether you’re after a portable model, interactive, or a large venue projector, 3 Monkeys AV are assist you to choose the correct model for your venue.

3 Monkeys AV offer a design service were distance, seating positions, ambient light, and available mounting positions are carefully taken into consideration to ensure the best possible projection system is chosen for your situation.

We have also created a number of projection packages to take the guess work out of purchasing, our projector packages often include screens,or whiteboards, Input wall plates and cabling,along with speaker systems to suit.

Please feel free to browse below and request an online quote, or if your not sure give us a call on  on 9228 1681 to speak to one of our experienced team members & find out which projector will suit you.