3 Monkeys AV have developed some unique video conference equipment Perth packages for your meeting facilities. With so many conference  items on the market it is often difficult to determine which products are best suited for your meeting room and budget. To simply this process we have developed a number of system packages with carefully chosen products to match the size of the room, acoustic environment and connection form.

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EduTouch Corporate Interactive LED Display

Why struggle with your old projector or small TV that you can hardly see from your boardroom table or training room seating. Why struggle with complicated switching and confusing cable connections. Those days are gone!


Switch to the latest in 4K resolution, large LED display that lets you control your presentation at the screen using nothing more than your finger on the screen, or from the comfort of your chair using a standard wireless keyboard and mouse.


It’s that simple. Make the switch now or book in a demonstration to see just how easy it can be.

Video Conferencing Systems

Simplify your boardroom, meeting room, training rooms or huddle room with one of our interactive display and video conferencing solutions. Using the latest in touch screen technology with built in Windows 10 PC corporate presentation systems and video conferencing has never been so easy. Simply click on your Skype, Zoom or any other video conferencing ap icon and get started. Share your content, write directly on the display with your finger and save important screen notes or slides with a single click.


Our solution for small and medium rooms (up to 10m in length) is totally wireless and does not require connecting of any device or loading of any other software. All components can be wall mounted or mounted on sturdy stands for mobile use. Easy to move around and height adjustable this is the perfect solution for multiple room use.


Book in for a demonstration and see for yourself just how easy it can be.