43″ Early Learning Solution – Capacitive Touch

The EduTouch 43″ Capacitive Touch Early Learning Solution is designed specifically for use within the Kindergarten & Pre-School environment.

The education software included with the EduTouch Capacitive Touch Solution provides teachers with a fully interactive education solution, with the flexibility of using any other software installed on their computers interactively on the EduTouch Panels. The ability to do gesturing and other multi-touch functions similar to that of handheld devices such as iPhone, iPad and other smart phone and tablet brands (a function many younger school learners are comfortable

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  • Ultra-thin and Ultra-narrow appearance
  • Projective capacitive touch technology with Active capacitive pen
  • Pass EMC test (meets the requirements of the applicable CE directives)
  •  Integrated display, touch control, Quad core processor in Android
  •  Smart Operating System
  •  One key to energy saving mode (energy saving and environmental protection)
  •  AG tempered glass 4mm Mohs scale level 7
  •  5 Year Warranty
  • MAC and Windows Compatible
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