ACT-707T Premium Body Pack Transmitter

LCD panel displays group, channel, error code, and battery percentage simultaneously. Compact, lightweight and streamline shape for easy wearing. Impedance selectable switch for microphone or guitar, and built-in sensitivity level adjuster.

Industry standard mini-XLR 4-pin (TA4F) connector is utilized for quick and screw lock connection and accepts lavaliere, head worn microphone and guitar inputs with level adjustments.

Belt clip allows 360 degrees rotating to suit transmitter wearing. World’s first ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) function provides rapid automatic channel setting. Innovative “Photo-cell Coupling” high dynamic range and high fidelity modulation circuitry is capable of accepting high input level and less distortion.

Advanced efficient transmitting and low power consumption circuit design. 20 hours battery life per 2 AA batteries. Professional quality ensures no impact-damage.

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