Active Audio – Ray-On 60

Ray-On 60 is a 60cm high passive
column loudspeaker that should be
mounted vertically.
With a nominal range of 10m, a clear, dynamic and
intelligible sound, it offers a high quality
sound for small spaces in conference
rooms, airports, train stations, churches,
shopping malls, amusement parks, etc.
Like every column of the Ray-On range,
R60TC can be switched between a low
impedance mode and a 70/100V
mode, and be used indoor and
It is EN54-24 compliant.
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Ray-On® bears testament to Active Audio’s determination to offer the StepArray DGRCs technology to a wide audience. We have designed a range of products incorporating the directivity control of high-end DSP speakers, while retaining the price attributes and easy installation of traditional speakers. Thanks to its simple and sleek design combined with its vertical mounting system, Ray-On can be fitted in venues with the most demanding architectural constraints.
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