Listen LT-800-150 RF Wireless Hearing Augmentation System Package

Assistive Listening Devices are to be made available by law in public spaces where sound is amplified.

Offering outstanding audio clarity, digital signal strength, and 32 selectable channels, the LT-800 is a perfect RF transmitter choice for a wide range of applications. Connected to your main audio system, the LT-800 broadcasts reliable audio to both optional belt pack receivers and stationary receivers, ideal for providing listeners with the best possible assistive listening experience.

3 Monkeys Audiovisual understands the need to be able to hear clearly in any environment. We design and install Assistive Listening Devices, leveraging several technologies to provide clear, focused, and personalized listening experiences for anyone, even in the most noisy and difficult environments.

Many other public facilities incorporate Assistive Listening Devices as a service to their patrons. Assistive Listening Devices are designed using the appropriate technology to provide the listener with the best experience possible. Whether it be our tried and true RF technologies being used for tour groups or for entire stadiums, or a complex loop system integrated in a church, educational facility or a theatre environment, we have the right product to fit your needs.

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5 Great Benefits of Assistive Listening Technology for Churches

  1. Half the weight and size of other RF receivers, making them easier to hand-out, store, wear, and use
  2. Integrated Neck Loop/Lanyard provides better audio to people with telecoil hearing aids.
  3. Upgraded battery technology saves money over time and the hassle of battery management and disposal.
  4. Delivers highest quality audio with 20 dB less hiss than other receivers.
  5. Streamlined for better management with smarter and simpler maintenance solutions.


This system features a LT-800-150 base station transmitter and six LR4200-150 receivers along with a Intelligent 12-Unit Charging/Carrying Case. (other configurations available). These receivers create the best, end-to-end experience for venues and the people who use them.


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