School Mobile all in one PA System

The School Mobile all in one PA system is the perfect system for schools who are needing a small and easily portable system that can cater for large crowds during outdoor activities and events.



Comes with:

  •  1 x Tall Road case on heavy duty castor wheels fully pre-wired with:
  •  1 x 10 inch speaker built inside case
  •  2 x additional speaker output connectors on side of case –  allows connection of additional speakers
  •  1 x Power distributor – 1 switch operates entire system
  •  1 x Fully labelled 6 channel volume mixer with built in blue tooth receiver
  •  1 x Front Microphone input plate – for any other Microphones you may already have
  •  1 x Dual channel wireless Mic receiver
  •  2 x Hand held wireless microphones
  •  1 x Lockable storage drawer – houses Mics, batteries, cd’s, quick start guides, etc
  •  1 x Commercial grade amplifier with anti-tamper grill
  •  1 x Portable speaker kit : 2 x 12 inch speakers, stands and cables – Connect speakers to side of case for large outdoor activities
  •  1 x Delivery & Demonstration
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