The performance is brilliant. We’ve had no trouble. The ease of use is superb. The families who have attended our assemblies have all said that they can at last hear everything at the assemblies. They can hear everybody. We’ve had our choir singing and now the parents are happy they can actually hear the kids singing. Everything has been terrific. Everything has been terrific. We hired the product first and the functions of the equipment were explained very well. We were told that if we decided to purchase the unit, there would be more training available. Enzo came out at some stage and he showed me and a few other staff members through the system and what it was capable of doing. The explanations were terrific and it made it very easy for the staff to follow. The simplicity of it all is excellent. The value for money has been great. The service provided was excellent. It was all done in a day. There were no hassles whatsoever from the workers who came out or the equipment. Value for money for us is a reasonable outlay but we knew we were getting good quality products and service and we were happy with that. Everybody has been really professional. There have been numerous follow up calls which is great. 3MAV have been very obliging with working around suitable times for us. The products and services totally catered to our needs. It has been very convenient. I thought the whole process was minimum fuss for our school. We thought the value for money was really good. We know we’ve got quality equipment. We had a malfunction with one of the microphones and Enzo said that it was no problem for him to come down and fix it straight away. The microphone was replaced without any fuss or questions which really impressed me.

Gerard Foletta (Medina Primary School)

So far to date the performance and quality have been outstanding. We have used our PA at a couple of events and have had a varying number of people ranging from 30 to 100 and it has worked extremely well. Follow up support from 3MAV has been spot on. We have been kept up to date all the way, from placing the order through to receiving the goods 3500km away from where they started. Value and service have been second to none. We’ve got a quality product that we are very happy with and the service has been great. The professionalism of the staff that we’ve been involved with has been terrific. We haven’t had any issues at all. Everything has been spot on. Very happy with the product knowledge that the people have had. Can’t recommend 3MAV highly enough. There is a great range of products to choose from and we were given very good advice on what we were looking for in terms of numbers of people that we would be using our PA for. Great expertise. Everything was done very professionally. We have been very happy with the product, the service and the people we’ve been involved with at 3MAV have all been terrific.

Jo Langford (MG Corporation)

The microphones seem to be working fine for what we need. The service was absolutely fantastic. 3MAV’s quote was actually more expensive than another one that we received but we chose to go with 3MAV due to the service and professionalism of the company. The product was a little bit more expensive than other places but the service we received was much higher quality. The professionalism and service were impeccable. I contacted 3 different places on the same day to get quotes for the item we needed but 3MAV was the only one who got back to me the next day with a very professional proposal. I had to chase up the other 2 companies.

Angela Brierley (Beeliar Primary School)

Everything is good so far. The systems always work well and we’ve never had any issues at all. The service, expertise and follow up support are always great and always exceed our expectations. If anything does break 3MAV always come out and are really flexible which is handy. The installation process is always very good, very simple. The product and services provided are always very good. The range was very helpful for us. It is just a matrix system with an amplifier and some speakers. From that perspective it suits out needs and meets our expectations, if not exceeds them. We are happy with the services that have been provided. The service was quite diligent so from that perspective we are very happy.

Liam Taylor (Surge Health & Fitness)

The service and the training from 3MAV were amazing. The staff were very helpful. The people were amazing. Definitely very professional. I am very happy with the service we received. The range was very helpful with regards to what we needed. In terms of the value of the product, it was a bit expensive in comparison to what the product is. If it was 20-30% cheaper than what it is I would rate it a lot higher but overall we a very happy with our purchase.

Sauleen Panji (Nulsen Association)