3 Monkeys Audio Visual have an integrated approach to the out fitting of council facilities, combining a wealth of experience of audiovisual equipment and conference systems with modern automation and control equipment to produce systems that are easy to use and work flawlessly.

Conference Systems

Conference systems come in many formats and can be scaled to suit your council’s requirements. Our conference systems enable each Councillor to clearly hear what the other is saying while providing facilities for the chairperson or Mayor to retain control of the meeting.
Many of our conference systems have recording and voting facilities.

Audio Systems

Audio reinforcement has not traditionally been included for council chambers, however an increasingly senior population has rendered this a useful consideration.  3 Monkeys AV has the ability to provide systems that produce a very natural sound while retaining a low physical profile and enabling inclusiveness for all participants.

Visual Display

3 Monkeys AV provide a wide range of visual solutions for councils. We take into consideration issues such as ambient lighting, viewing angles, mounting access, means of control and of course budgetary constraints, to ensure that the council has a simple, effective means to display content from a range of sources such as computers, DVD Players etc.


While the possibilities offered by modern AV technologies are very attractive, operation of these devices (especially in coordination with each other) often become very complex.

3 Monkeys AV provides councils with the best solutions to streamline the operation of AV equipment, making the equipment both accessible and easy to use. This in turn ensures staff and Councillors feel completely confident when operating one of our systems.

We can combine the operation of all your council’s AV equipment into a central control panel.  Control panels are customised to suit your requirements, with the inclusion of familiar icons, to assist staff with operation.

Our one touch systems provide an easy means to ready the system, preset sound levels or begin recordings.  They also circumvent errors with user confirmation messages and prompts to assist with the smooth running of the meeting.

Free Analysis Service

3 Monkeys AV provides a free Audiovisual System Analysis and Plan, valued at $250. We visit your council to analyse your existing system to identify any issues, discuss frustrations or problems you might be experiencing and establish your specific requirements.  We can then offer advice on ways to improve the performance and/or functionality of your system.

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