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  • The staff and management at 3 Monkeys were well mannered, experienced professionals. They were swift to install 3 meeting rooms with audio/visual video conferencing equipment. Unfortunately, we only got two monkeys for our installation…. 🙂

    We were provided business grade equipment and are very happy with the results. I would recommend 3 monkeys to anyone looking for good priced, quality business grade video/audio installations.

    Thanks 3 Monkeys.

    Identity WA – Malcom Ward

  • Thank you for the great service. Enzo was most helpful and patiently explained the workings of my new equipment. I would recommend 3 Monkeys to friends!

    Karyn Concanen – Celebrant

  • If you seeking a quality audio visual product – look no further.
    The entire process from sales thru to installation was brilliant.
    Have used 3 Monkeys in the past, and nothing has changed, all round quality service.

    FAPSTC Incorporated – Allan Jones

  • Excellent, reliable service. Will definitely be using again!

    Kareena McCabe – Lakelands Primary School

  • Great team, great setup and the PP teachers are very happy at Carramar PS with their new EduTouch boards.

    Thanks Francis and your wonderful team!

    Kathy Bullock (Carramar Primary School)

  • • The 3 Monkeys Av quote met the required scope and was delivered promptly and efficiently
    • The AV installation was on time and the installers were courteous and polite.
    • The installation was neat, tidy and in accordance with the agreed scope.
    • The handover and training was delivered in plain English was informative and to the point
    • The equipment works perfectly as intended and is easy to use.

    George Allingham – Small Business Development Corporation

  • I recently had the opportunity to work with 3 Monkeys Audiovisual for a project involving the upgrade of several meeting rooms’ audiovisual systems, and I must say that their professionalism and exceptional customer service truly stood out.

    Throughout the project, the team at 3 Monkeys AV demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and provided expert recommendations on how we could improve the audiovisual systems in our meeting rooms. They were patient and responsive to all of our inquiries and provided regular updates on the project’s progress.

    What impressed me the most was their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that the upgrades were completed on time and within budget. The team arrived early, well-prepared and executed flawlessly, causing minimal disruption to our daily operations.

    Moreover, their follow-up support has been exemplary, with prompt responses to any issues we have had since the upgrade. Overall, I highly recommend 3 Monkeys for any audiovisual needs. Their professionalism, expertise, and exceptional customer service make them a top choice for anyone seeking outstanding audiovisual solutions.

    Thank you Francis, Kyle, Barry, and the rest of the team for your exceptional work and dedication.

    Marco Antonio Parra – PeopleKind Group

  • Enzo is fantastic and goes above and beyond to meet your needs. Can’t thank him enough for all of his expertise, professional service and fantastic follow up. If you are looking for AV solutions…. Go see him!

    Heather Endall – Celebrant

  • 3 Monkeys are an absolute delight to work with. They develop products specific to our business needs efficiently, reliably, and with clarity. Highly recommend.

    Ingrid Longley – The Bullshift Company

  • Fabulous, prompt and professional service from the team at 3 Monkeys when upgrading my portable PA system recently. Not only did they install the new gear they also did a mini service and tutorial to ensure it (and I!) were using it to its full potential. Would highly recommend 3 Monkeys to anyone in the market for AV gear.

    Darren Walters – Synergy

  • 3 Monkeys is an exceptional audio-visual company that provides a variety of high-quality equipment and services to schools and other institutions. They specialize in providing PA systems, projectors, and sound systems, which are essential for any school setting. Their products are reliable, easy to use, and efficient, making it easy for teachers and administrators to operate them without any technical difficulties.

    What makes 3Monkeys stand out from the competition is their commitment to providing exceptional customer service. They work closely with their clients to identify their specific needs and provide customized solutions that meet their requirements. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure their clients are satisfied with their services.

    In summary, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient audio-visual company that can provide high-quality equipment and exceptional customer service, 3Monkeys is definitely a company to consider. Based on your personal experience working with them in different schools, it sounds like they always provide a nice and easy solution, which is a testament to the quality of their products and services.

    John Cascaes – Al-Ameen College

    Al-Ameen College

  • 3 Monkeys AV offered a very professional service and most of all listens to the customer without being all about “sales”. The service was very professional and I thought it was great that Enzo kept following up with me without me feeling pressured, he kept me informed at all times. The Portable PA system works perfectly for me and my technical skills and I loved that Enzo recognized that. I appreciated the discount seeing that the equipment was over my budget. I would refer others to 3 Monkeys AV and have referred them already to my celebrant colleagues.

    I valued working together with Enzo to find the right equipment for my needs and I found him authentic which isn’t always the case in this industry. What set him/ the company apart from others I had visited and received quotes from is that he offers ongoing support and also explained the equipment to me and its limitations/ capabilities for the next years instead of looking short term.

    Alessandra M – Celebrant

  • 3MAV systems have been fantastic. They all work well and do exactly what we need. The service we received from 3MAV was very good, supportive and really geared towards what we needed. Everyone was very well organised and extremely helpful. The value of the products and the services provided were excellent. We have gotten so much use out of all the systems. The range of products was very relevant and perfect for our requirements. Nothing was ever too much trouble. A couple of times when we phoned for extra support or services 3MAV attended really quickly and were very efficient in fixing our issues.

    Libby Johnson (Mt Claremont Primary School)

  • The performance is brilliant. We’ve had no trouble. The ease of use is superb. The families who have attended our assemblies have all said that they can at last hear everything at the assemblies. They can hear everybody. We’ve had our choir singing and now the parents are happy they can actually hear the kids singing. Everything has been terrific. Everything has been terrific. We hired the product first and the functions of the equipment were explained very well. We were told that if we decided to purchase the unit, there would be more training available. Enzo came out at some stage and he showed me and a few other staff members through the system and what it was capable of doing. The explanations were terrific and it made it very easy for the staff to follow. The simplicity of it all is excellent. The value for money has been great. The service provided was excellent. It was all done in a day. There were no hassles whatsoever from the workers who came out or the equipment. Value for money for us is a reasonable outlay but we knew we were getting good quality products and service and we were happy with that. Everybody has been really professional. There have been numerous follow up calls which is great. 3MAV have been very obliging with working around suitable times for us. The products and services totally catered to our needs. It has been very convenient. I thought the whole process was minimum fuss for our school. We thought the value for money was really good. We know we’ve got quality equipment. We had a malfunction with one of the microphones and Enzo said that it was no problem for him to come down and fix it straight away. The microphone was replaced without any fuss or questions which really impressed me.

    Gerard Foletta (Medina Primary School)

  • So far to date the performance and quality have been outstanding. We have used our PA at a couple of events and have had a varying number of people ranging from 30 to 100 and it has worked extremely well. Follow up support from 3MAV has been spot on. We have been kept up to date all the way, from placing the order through to receiving the goods 3500km away from where they started. Value and service have been second to none. We’ve got a quality product that we are very happy with and the service has been great. The professionalism of the staff that we’ve been involved with has been terrific. We haven’t had any issues at all. Everything has been spot on. Very happy with the product knowledge that the people have had. Can’t recommend 3MAV highly enough. There is a great range of products to choose from and we were given very good advice on what we were looking for in terms of numbers of people that we would be using our PA for. Great expertise. Everything was done very professionally. We have been very happy with the product, the service and the people we’ve been involved with at 3MAV have all been terrific.

    Jo Langford (MG Corporation)

  • The microphones seem to be working fine for what we need. The service was absolutely fantastic. 3MAV’s quote was actually more expensive than another one that we received but we chose to go with 3MAV due to the service and professionalism of the company. The product was a little bit more expensive than other places but the service we received was much higher quality. The professionalism and service were impeccable. I contacted 3 different places on the same day to get quotes for the item we needed but 3MAV was the only one who got back to me the next day with a very professional proposal. I had to chase up the other 2 companies.

    Angela Brierley (Beeliar Primary School)

  • Everything is good so far. The systems always work well and we’ve never had any issues at all. The service, expertise and follow up support are always great and always exceed our expectations. If anything does break 3MAV always come out and are really flexible which is handy. The installation process is always very good, very simple. The product and services provided are always very good. The range was very helpful for us. It is just a matrix system with an amplifier and some speakers. From that perspective it suits out needs and meets our expectations, if not exceeds them. We are happy with the services that have been provided. The service was quite diligent so from that perspective we are very happy.

    Liam Taylor (Surge Health & Fitness)

  • The service and the training from 3MAV were amazing. The staff were very helpful. The people were amazing. Definitely very professional. I am very happy with the service we received. The range was very helpful with regards to what we needed. In terms of the value of the product, it was a bit expensive in comparison to what the product is. If it was 20-30% cheaper than what it is I would rate it a lot higher but overall we a very happy with our purchase.

    Sauleen Panji (Nulsen Association)

  • The Equipment is first class quality.
    Enzo is very personable and accommodating and answered all of their questions. He is prepared to take the time to go through everything.
    He has been fantastic at attending to all of our needs.
    We did purchase the most expensive option, as we were wanting a professional look and sound, as well as ease of use. We have 42 classes that use the equipment for assembly and there is no confusion whatsoever when they are using the system. It is just one flick of a switch, it’s foolproof really it’s just so easy to use all of the equipment.
    It was an absolute please to deal with all concerned at 3 MAV, whether it was on the phone or onsite. They were very helpful, professional and their workmanship was very neat and tidy.
    We purchased a wide range of products which have been very good so far.
    It’s a very pleasurable and easy experience to work with 3MAV.
    We had all of our needs addressed and are thrilled with the quality of the products.

    Nola Smith (Aubin Grove Primary School)

  • 3 Monkeys AV know exactly what they are talking about and recommending. They are a very professional company. The feedback from our staff is very impressive in regards to the performance and quality of the system. 3MAV have been very prompt to respond.
    The value of the products and services from 3MAV is very reasonable. They would not be on the CUA if they were not value for money as government is very price conscious.
    The staff at 3MAV are very professional and gave an extensive demonstration before making a decision on their purchase.

    Kim Anastasio (Department of Training & Workforce Development)

  • Our PA system sounds wonderful and the service was outstanding. 3 Monkeys AV always followed up. Even after we received the quote, someone gave us a courtesy call to check that we were happy with it, or if we had any questions etc. The products are very good quality.

    Daryl Wilson (Salvation Army Rockingham)

  • The quality of the interactive projection system is really good. We are quite impressed as we use the system all the time. The advice and expertise given to us by the installers was really helpful. The overall project run by 3 Monkeys Audiovisual was exceptional and I would recommend them to anyone else I encounter.

    Bodie Woolcott (BOECOM)

  • Our IWB, Dining Room & Gym Audio Systems work perfectly. We’ve used it for teaching students and it’s worked really well The ability to use a touchscreen has been a real bonus. The students and training staff have really enjoyed using it. We’re very pleased with it so far.
    The quote I was given was very prompt and detailed and we knew exactly what we were getting. The installation only took half a day and the installer was very good. He was very helpful and made it very clear that if there were any questions that we needed, just ring him back and he’d be only too pleased to help.

    Kim Gray (WA College of Agriculture – Cunderdin)

  • The quality of our Large Screen Projection and Audio System is top notch. We’ve never had any issues with the performance and we can’t fault the system at all. The service and follow up support was fantastic. 3 Monkeys Audiovisual were easy to contact, consistently had quick responses and answered any questions or fixed any issues we had straight away.

    Cameron Hunt (Swan Care Group)

  • We’re really, really happy with the excellent performance and quality of the IWB. The system was good value for money as it has a double use for us. It can be used as an actual whiteboard or interactively, which works really well for us as we teach primary school and secondary students with low literacy and numeracy needs. We needed something that catered specifically to our needs, which the IWB does extremely well. The staff from 3 MAV that we dealt with provided very good service and were very professional. Dealing with them was a great experience.

    Lesley Glass (Ballajura Community College)

  • The Triple PA System has been fantastic, especially with it being mobile. We have already used it on many occasions as it is so easy to move around the school. The service we received from 3MAV was fantastic and everyone was very professional. The guys knew their stuff and the training was very easy to understand. The products are excellent value. We feel we have got so much value out of the system and the service. The quotes and all correspondence from 3MAV were very detailed, so we clearly knew exactly what we were getting. Anytime we have rung for support the guys have always there to help. The staff were very punctual and always attended site on time. They’re brilliant! I only have positive things to say about 3MAV.

    Janine Leng (Millen Primary School)

  • The pre-quote process was great. Everything was explained thoroughly and clearly. Everything that was recommended was exactly what we needed. The guys were on top of everything when they came out to install the systems. They worked around us and with us, which made the job so much easier from our end. We appreciate how seamless the whole process was. Any after sales support that I have needed has been dealt with very promptly which I am very happy about. The 3 MAV staff were very professional. The future proofing that 3MAV have done for us has been very helpful. The quality has been great, the service has been really good, and I am really looking forward to dealing with 3MAV again soon.

    Paul Burke (Parkwood Primary School)

  • We’re really happy with everything that 3MAV has done for us over the years. The performance and quality of their systems are excellent. 3MAV staff are always happy to help us whenever we need after sales support or advice. They have a huge range of products, which is great for us, as we keep buying new products and upgrading our old ones. 3MAV are very professional and great to deal with.

    Maria Macian-Dagino (Rockingham Senior High School)

  • The system from 3MAV was good value for money as it does everything we need it to. The staff that we all dealt with were very professional, easy to deal with and were always happy to help. We like the Portable PA system so much that we are actually hiring two more from 3 MAV this weekend.

    Blake Lornie-Duguid (Swimming WA)

  • We are very happy with the performance & quality of the systems. We have only had a little issue with a humming noise coming from the speakers but everything else has been great. The service we received from 3MAV was brilliant. The guys are always really helpful and pleasant to deal with. I think the systems were good value for money, they work well and we are very happy with them. The people from 3MAV that we dealt with were very helpful and pleasant to deal with. We only needed certain items but know that 3MAV have a very large range on offer. 3MAV know what we needed and supplied the exact items that suited our requirements. We like dealing with 3MAV as they are always so helpful and pleasant. We are very happy with how the whole operation works, from the enquiry stage right through to the installation and follow up support.

    Fr Brian McKenna (St Augustine’s Catholic Church Rivervale)

  • The systems are fantastic, they work very well and we’ve barely had any issues with any of them. I was very satisfied with both the quality and performance of the systems. The service we received from 3MAV was absolutely awesome! I think the systems were great value for money. The people from 3MAV that we dealt with were very professional and provided awesome service. They came in, did what they needed to do and cleaned up after themselves before they left which was great. The range of products offered is quite large. We are always given different options for the jobs that we need which is great. Dealing with 3MAV was a very enjoyable experience. They provided the right equipment that we needed with no fuss and at a great cost.

    Phillip Anderson (Department of Sports & Recreation)

  • The systems are fantastic. They work well and are very clear. The service we received from 3MAV was fantastic. I really liked the way that we didn’t need to use a scissor lift as it kept our costs quite low. Once the guys had finished the job, they walked me through what they did which was good. I think the systems were good value for money, they work well and we are very happy with them. By being able to complete the job without using a scissor lift 3MAV kept our costs quite low which was great. The people from 3MAV that came out to do the job are awesome to deal with and very professional. The range of products and services is one of the main reasons we keep coming back to 3MAV. They always have different options for our requirements and know exactly what will suit our needs. We are very happy with the service we receive from 3MAV, it keeps us coming back every time.

    Bradden Mitchell (East Victoria Park Primary School)

  • Very good quality products with no technical issues with any of our EduTouch systems. The service was outstanding from Francis all the way across to those in the office and the guys who came out to install the equipment. I am very happy with the experience. Follow up professional learning sessions were great and suited the times of our staff. We have had 3 Monkeys on call if there is a problem we can’t solve. The pricing was competitive; the main value was in the service and the support we received. That really made the whole experience good value for money. Francis coming out to look at our set up was great, he was very professional. So was everyone else we dealt with at 3 Monkeys. The wonderful guy who came out and ran our training sessions was amazing. The range was fantastic and we got our system in a very timely manner. We ordered on the Friday and it got installed on the Monday which was amazing. We will certainly use 3 Monkeys again and we have recommended them to other schools.

    Helen Pynes (Yokine Primary School)

  • The quality of the system is really good. The new system has shortened the time it takes to set up compared to our previous system. The old system was hard to use and had lots of cables so the new set up is a lot more convenient. Service was good, the staff were very friendly and helpful. No follow up support was required as the new system is so simple to use. They explained everything we needed to know when the equipment was being installed. Once I was told what to do the next time I tried to use the system it worked straight away and we haven’t had any issues. The value of the product and service provided was great. All the staff were very professional. The range of products supplied by 3 Monkeys suited our needs and we are considering purchasing some new equipment in the future. Overall the service was very professional and we were very happy with the outcome.

    Shyamala Subramaniam (Sir Charles Gardener Hospital)

  • The quality was excellent for my first purchase of a PA system. The service was absolutely fantastic. The reason I decided to purchase with 3 Monkeys was because of the enthusiasm and attitude from Enzo. I believed what Enzo was telling me and I trusted him. He proved himself to be correct as the PA system has been fantastic. The value was great for the quality of the product. I was really appreciative of the time spent teaching me how to use the system. The range was great. The PA system I required was for a very specific use so there wasn’t a huge amount to choose from, however 3 Monkeys were still able to supply me with what I needed. I really enjoyed doing business with 3 Monkeys, in particular Enzo. I liked the attitude of the company; they did very well with their follow ups and knew what to do to keep the customer happy.

    Kylee Payne (Celebrant)

  • The quality is very high both teachers and students love using the EduTouch systems. The best part is they are on transportable stands so they have so many different uses. Staff training was amazing the more you get to use it the more you want to find out what else you can do. Can’t complain about the price at all it was great for what we received. Professionalism was high everyone a 3 Monkeys worked to suit our needs. The sales process was great so were the trainers who really tailored the training to suit our needs. Even the guys who drop it off were lovely. The range was great and was able to provide everything we needed. The transportable stands really added the extra value to the product as it adds so much flexibility to what we can do.

    Karen Sansom (Armadale Education Support Centre)

  • The projection system was great so far we haven’t had any issues. It was very clear Francis had been in the industry for a long time as he was very familiar with the issues when fitting the system to the ceiling and making sure it was reinforced. There was a small issue with one of the installations due to a miscommunication on our end. Francis agreed to fix the issue at no extra cost. The price was as expected and I believe we got the best possible rate. The sales process was fantastic as Francis was able to demonstrate the products prior to purchase. The installations were done professionally, quickly and on the nominated date. When Francis came to measure up the area he knew a standard project wouldn’t fit as was able to find a solution. 3 Monkeys had everything that was required to suit our needs. Francis was also able to help with my home projector as well which was great.

    Brett Thornett (Applied Education)

  • The EduTouch system that we purchased is brilliant! We wish we could afford 10 of them!
    The training and ongoing support has been fantastic. I am so impressed with the amount of information we have been provided and follow ups that we’ve had.
    Many companies are not really interested in helping you out once you’ve purchased and received your items, but 3 Monkeys Audiovisual after care has been absolutely fantastic.

    Kristy Campbell (Forest Lakes Thornlie Family Centre)

  • The system is working really, really well. It does a great job in our undercover area. We haven’t tested it outside with the external speakers yet but we will be doing that soon and I have no doubt that it will work perfectly. We did have a couple of things go wrong with the system. One was our fault and one was just something that had gone wrong with the MP3 player. The service we received on those issues was really good. We were really happy with the service. Whenever we’ve had an issue 3MAV have gotten back to us straight away or sent people out. There haven’t been any issues with getting the system back how we needed it to be. Compared to other quotes from different suppliers, 3MAV are definitely on par. If I had the contacts to be able to get all the components and put it together myself, I could probably manage to do it cheaper but it seems well priced for the service and product that 3MAV provides. Everyone has been really good. The guys that came out to install the system were really nice, helpful and friendly. They certainly knew the product and when they came out to install the items, there was no fuss and it wasn’t disruptive to us or the school day. We are very happy with the service and the people. The products the 3MAV had were exactly what we needed so we didn’t really need to explore the whole range of products. The products that were available were very good. Whenever we’ve needed anything or whenever there has been an issue, 3MAV have gotten to it straight away. They have always done exactly what they say they will do which is great. Sometimes, like when we stuffed up one and damaged a bit of equipment, 3MAV went above and beyond and repaired items at no expense to us, when we could have rightfully expected to have to contribute to the repair cost. I have nothing but good things to say about 3MAV.

    Marc Lockett (Bateman Primary School)

  • The quality of the system is good. It is meeting our needs. The clarity of the projector is really clear and the sound system is working really well. The whole system is relatively easy to use which is great. The service we received was excellent. Whenever we needed help or advice and information the people were here in a timely manner and they gave really good advice on our systems and what we needed. 3MAV’s prices are on a par with the other companies that we have gotten quotes from. I don’t think that 3MAV were any cheaper than them but they were definitely in the range of pricing we expected. We didn’t have any trainers so it was only the sales people and installers that we dealt with. Everyone was very pleasant and very professional to deal with. Everyone did their jobs well and we were very happy with them. We were quite specific with our requirements. 3MAV was able to give us a couple of alternative options and different ways to go which was great. We were able to find a system that met our needs without any hassle at all. If we have any further AV needs in the future, I will definitely come back to 3MAV.

    Michelle Leeming (Carramar Primary School)

  • The EduTouch panels are excellent. They are user friendly and everybody is able to operate them. People only rarely need assistance with them if they have any troubleshooting but they are using the interface well. I wouldn’t at this point say that anybody is using the extra toolkits well but they are definitely using the initial interface very well. The service has been excellent! We are very happy with our experience with 3MAV. I didn’t get any comparative prices but it is certainly a product that met our needs, has shown clarity with what they are doing on the screen, and it has involved multiple users which is what we wanted in our brief. We are very happy with the product at the moment. I have been very impressed with all of the people I have dealt with from 3MAV. I know when Oscar came out to do his professional learning he was able to get through the entire range of concepts that the teachers need to do. I think initially what we might suggest for us is getting him out for maybe a very short time to show how to get it open and operating and then we would have him come back once the teachers were comfortable with that, and do the second part which is the extra software interface that you can do the bigger and better things with. We were just looking for a specific item which was the EduTouch panels, but we have also requested information since then, on the PA and Undercover Area Projection Systems which we’re still looking at and also looking at other companies and quotes for those products btu as far as the EduTouch panels go, we are happy and loving what we’ve got. What we have needed has been clearly communicated through to us and is working effectively. I have been very happy with the service and products that 3MAV have delivered. I’ve not had any issues at all with that. When I did have a couple of queries or questions, they were answered straight away. Overall I am very happy with how we have received our service, package and products.

    Amanda Pickersgill (Heathridge Primary School)

  • The systems are very efficient; once they were installed the teachers were able to get on them straight away. The large whiteboard screen is so much better than the old IWB that we had. All the systems are super easy to use so the teachers were able to adapt their lessons and get on with it straight away. We had excellent service, expertise and follow up support from 3MAV which is why we keep coming back. We are always well looked after and nothing is too big a problem. Even if we call 100 times a day, 3MAV are always happy to help us. We have found everything from 3MAV to be very good value for money. The 3MAV people are highly professional and a pleasure to deal with. 3MAV have a vast range of products available and we were able to find everything that suited our school and classrooms without having to go elsewhere which was great. Dealing with 3MAV is always easy and we are very happy.

    Tania James (Our Lady of Mercy)

  • We are extremely pleased with the Triple PA System. The clarity of the sound, the fact that we don’t have any issues with the PA or microphones not working, is great. The system is so easy to use. It is very simple and even when I was away other people were able to use it without any issues. Everything was spot on. From having the initial conversation with 3MAV, to them coming down and having a look at what we would need, right down to installing the system, there was never any pressure from the sales people to just buy something because they needed the commission. I was very impressed with the service I received. When the system was installed the whole process was quick, easy and very simple. Working with the students to show them how to use the PA (as they use it more than anybody else) was very simple. They were able to exactly follow the instructions to get it working which was great. Excellent! It is a top of the range product but you get what you pay for with items like this, so you do have to pay a bit more but it is definitely worth it. Fortunately the P & C contributed to the funding so we were able to get such a great product. The people are excellent to deal with, all through the company. The range of items is extensive. Our PA system was failing us. It was old and we were having a lot of issues with it so we were looking to replace it. The P & C were looking at things like lighting equipment & headphones for their disco. We were looking for the opportunity to have external speakers and the system that could go outside for faction carnivals. Since being installed we’ve had parades out in the centre of our school. Even tomorrow we have a book week parade outside for the whole school. The system has really enabled us to get music and sound outside as well as having the quality inside our undercover area. 3MAV always provide good products and service and I can’t think of anything they can do to improve. We are very happy dealing with them!

    Jennifer Webb (Settlers Primary School)

  • We have had great use from of the systems that 3MAV installed for us. They are very good quality and we have never had any real issues with either of the systems. The technicians are great. Whenever we need their support we can just ring up and deal with it over the phone. We get a lot of use out of the systems and we are very happy with our overall experiences with 3MAV. They are professional people & company. Everything is fantastic.

    Rick Joyce (Poynter Primary School)

  • Very good quality products installed. I was really impressed with the service and no follow up support was required. Very competitive in pricing. The reason we chose 3 Monkeys was due to the product knowledge and service provided. Very professional, they told us what they were going to do step by step so we knew what to expect. Training wasn’t provided however, this was due to the large amount of detail given to us prior to installation and we were offered further training if required. The range of equipment was suited to our needs. Overall we were very happy with the product, service, and project completed by 3 Monkeys.

    Clive Rego (Scarborough Leisure Centre)

  • The overall performance and quality of the products has been excellent. 3 Monkeys always provides great service and follow up support. The products are very good value for what is received. The training provided by the 3 Monkeys staff was excellent. The range of school specific products suited our needs. It’s always been very smooth dealing with 3 Monkeys.

    Andrew Streeton (North Perth Primary School)

  • We were extremely happy with the equipment provided. It is all working correctly and used for its desired purpose. Service was spot on, it was responsive, quick and were very helpful in providing follow up support in the few cases we did need it. The products were good value. All staff from 3 Monkeys were very professional at all times. The range of products provided by 3 Monkeys was perfect to suit our school’s needs. Would love you use 3 Monkeys again in the future.

    Tim Sewell (Rockingham Lakes Primary School)

  • The service has been brilliant. We were very, very happy with the price that we paid for the PA System. As soon as we got the quote we decided to go ahead with it immediately as it was such good value. I was very happy dealing with 3 Monkeys as I didn’t feel like I was being sold something that I didn’t want or need. I was advised specifically on what we needed and exactly how it would work. Dealing with 3 Monkeys was really, really good. I just felt like I was being valued for what my needs were at that time, which encouraged us to use them again when we needed other products.

    Kaye Savage-Morton (St Joseph’s School)

3 Monkeys AV

3 Monkeys AV