Australian Monitor QuickFit 8

Easy to install, easy on the eye and easy to listen to, the Australian Monitor Installation Series (AMIS) range of Quick Fit Ceiling Speakers have been meticulously designed to ensure they satisfy both the end client and the installer.

The sleek look and sensational sound provide the end client with total satisfaction, whilst the Quick Fit installation mechanism and sonic purity ensures the contractor/installer is fully satisfied. The AMIS Quick Fit 8 is a sensational sounding dual cone speaker.

Our goal was to achieve the sound of a ?co-axial? but without the weight restrictions that a co-axial speaker normally brings due to it?s heavy magnet. Being a lighter weight, the AMIS Quick Fit 8 is suitable for almost any ceiling and avoids any bowing of the ceiling which is a regular issue with co-axial ceiling speakers.

The AMIS Quick Fit 8 features a 100V line transformer with 15, 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25 watt taps.

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