Classroom AV Service and Report

This comprehensive service package ensures the AV equipment in each classroom is fully operational, meeting manufactures warranty conditions, and enables the school to make informed forward planning decisions.

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Full Tech Service and Report:

Extensive service and reporting of all aspects of each classroom AV system- Includes:

  • Test all inputs present in room (Video Audio Interactivity)
  • Cleaning of all inputs with appropriate electronic contact cleaner
  • Record lamp hrs of projector (where applicable)
  • Cleaning of Projector filters
  • Testing and adjustment of audio system
  • Clean board/display surface with appropriate cleaning solutions
  • Checking of system with client’s computer present in classroom (where made available by client and applicable)
  • Re Calibration of interactivity function (where applicable)


  • Comprehensive report created and provided to your school:
    • Working status of inputs and wall plates in room
    • General condition of input wall Plates and fly leads
    • Projector model
    • Estimated date of manufacture of display/projector
    • Projector lamp hrs
    • Projector general condition
    • Image Projection realignment
    • Audio system description (speaker model and connection form)
    • Working status of audio system in room
    • Board status and functionality (if interactive)
    • Suggested upgrade/repair paths and associated costs
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