Creston UC Video Conference Smart Soundbar

UC Video Conference Smart Soundbar

A sleek and stylish soundbar comprising a high‑performance conferencing speakerphone in one stunning front‑of‑room device. Installs cleanly beneath the room display, and interfaces with any computer via USB. Includes connectivity for an external USB camera (not included).



An all in one incredible front‑of‑room device, the Crestron® UC Video Conference Smart Soundbar (UC-SB1) eliminates the need to install additional microphones or speakers. Mounted on the wall or placed on a credenza beneath the main room display(s), the smart soundbar looks great and sounds even better in any small to medium‑sized meeting space.

High‑powered stereo speakers, adaptive beamforming microphone, and advanced digital signal processing deliver exceptional full‑duplex speakerphone performance with highly intelligible, echo‑free voice clarity.  Its compact, all‑in‑one design reduces clutter on the conference table, and even accommodates rooms with no table at all. A USB camera can be connected via a USB 3.0 port on the rear panel.

NOTE: See also model UC‑SB1‑CAM for a similar solution with built‑in camera.

USB Speakerphone
The UC-SB1 is a high‑performance AEC‑enabled speakerphone. A USB camera can also be connected for a full video conferencing solution. The soundbar integrates with any computer running UC conferencing or web collaboration software, and also supports general presentation of computer‑based AV content. A single USB 3.0 (2.0 compatible) connection provides a plug‑and‑play interface to a computer.

The UC-SB1 behaves like any USB Audio class device, enabling use as a speaker and microphone for all types of multimedia applications running on a computer. Even if you’re not on a call, you can use the smart soundbar to share content with everyone in the room, or make a professional recording of the meeting, with exceptional results.

Superb Sound Quality
The smart soundbar facilitates conversations with exceptional audio fidelity and pickup. Its integrated 180° far‑field microphone array faithfully captures voices throughout the room using adaptive beamforming technology. Its high‑powered, two‑way stereo speakers produce full, rich and real sounding audio. High‑performance AEC technology achieves transparent full‑duplex performance free of distracting echo or noise. Additional digital signal processing assures optimal sound quality for an immersive experience.

USB Camera Input
The UC-SB1 includes a USB 3.0 camera port to accommodate an external USB camera. Connecting the camera to the soundbar facilitates full audio and video connectivity to a computer through a single USB interface.

Enhanced Functionality
The UC-SB1 smart soundbar integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of computer‑based UC platforms. Plug‑and‑play USB connectivity enables control of the soundbar through the computer without requiring any extra software, remotes, or control system. The computer detects the soundbar connection automatically, and in turn the soundbar responds when a conference call is placed, speaker volume is adjusted, or the speaker or mic is muted. On the front of the soundbar, operational status is displayed by a multicolor LED status bar that expands outward as the volume is increased and changes colors to indicate connection and mute status.

Analog Audio Input & Output
Additional audio connectivity is provided through unbalanced stereo analog input and output jacks on the rear panel. The input accommodates any line‑level audio source, which simply feeds to the internal amplifier and speakers with no volume control or other signal processing. The output is provided to feed an assistive listening system, and carries the same audio signal as the soundbar speakers.

Easy Installation
Installation is a breeze using the integral hinged mounting bracket, which attaches easily to the wall and allows the soundbar to be tipped forward for full access to the rear panel connections. Once installed and connected, the soundbar is held upright magnetically for normal operation. The bracket allows for attachment to any wall surface using two screws. A total of eight mounting keyholes, arranged in 2 in. (51 mm) increments, accommodates any wall stud spacing from 12 to 24 in. (305 to 610 mm). Alternately, the soundbar can be simply placed on a shelf or credenza. Optimal results are achieved by positioning the unit at ear/face height. A single 100‑240 VAC outlet is required to power the unit.



Key Features
  • A complete conferencing speakerphone solution in one stunning front‑of‑room device
  • Sleek and stylish soundbar  design installs cleanly beneath the room display(s) — mounts on the wall or sits on a credenza
  • Multicolor status bar — indicates audio volume, mute, and operational status
  • 180° far‑field adaptive beamforming microphone array — senses who is speaking and optimizes directionality for clear pickup
  • 23 ft (7 m) microphone pickup range — eliminates any need for tabletop microphones
  • High‑powered 2‑way stereo speakers produce full, rich, and natural sound quality
  • Advanced AEC & DSP technology — affords exceptional full‑duplex audio performance with highly‑intelligible, echo‑free 2‑way voice quality
  • Camera input — allows connection of any USB conferencing camera
  • USB 3.0 — provides audio and video connectivity through a single USB interface
  • Plug & Play — compatible with major computer OS platforms running any web conferencing software
  • Analog audio I/O — input and output connections for local source and assistive listening devices
  • Integral hinged mounting bracket — simplifies wall mount installation
  • Low‑power standby — wakes and sleeps automatically to save energy
  • Internal power supply — 100 to 240 VAC line powered
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