Health Club Acoustic Treatment Solutions

Primacoustic acoustic treatment solutions lower room echo and creates a comfortable environment for everyone at a health club.



The problem with noisy health clubs

For some, a health club is an oasis that provides escape from the drudgery of day to day work.  For others, it is all about a ‘pump you up’ environment that generates excitement as you push your body to greater physical prowess. In either case, creating an acoustically comfortable environment is beneficial. The problem with these facilities is that they are generally surrounded with hard reflective surfaces such as concrete or gypsum walls, tile or wood floors and more often than not, metal clad ceilings. In the gym, noise from equipment such as barbells, treadmills and various other exercise machines combine with the grunting of weight lifters and the shouting of coaches as they elevate their voices over the music system as they call out instructions to their spinners and fitness classes. Areas that should be quiet are overrun with noise and you end up with a cacophony of sound and an unpleasant environment. The noise not only travels from one area to another, but also passes through the paper-thin T-bar ceiling tiles, through the plenum into adjoining spaces.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Reducing the echo and reverberant field is easily done by mounting Broadway™ acoustic panels to between 12% and 18% of the available wall space. Mounting is done using Impalers™ and is as easy as putting up a picture. Placement is not critical. As most of the noise energy is centered in the voice range, 1″ (2.5cm) thick panels generally work well. For rooms that employ a PA system for music, thicker 2” (5cm) panels provide greater control over bass frequencies. Broadway panels are made from high-density 6lb glass-wool and are extremely effective at absorbing sound energy. They feature a rugged polyester coat that will stand up in high traffic areas. Should wall space be limited, Primacoustic Paintable Clouds™ and Saturna™ baffles are very effective alternatives. These are suspended from the ceiling using eyehooks and adjustable SlipNot™ suspension wire kits. For rooms that have T-Bar ceilings, ineffective mineral fiber panels can be replaced with the more efficient StratoTiles™ to reduce echo or ThunderTiles™ to stop sound. These sandwich glass wool with gypsum board to add the mass needed to block sound. Once in place you will immediately enjoy lower noise in the gym and a more comfortable space in the spa or yoga center. This not only makes the space more comfortable to be in, it also reduces ear fatigue and stress for employees that must endure the noise all day long.

Executive Summary

  • Ideally suited for health clubs, spas, yoga centers and weight rooms
  • Reduces the noise and creates a more relaxing environment
  • Improves intelligibility and communication between coach and member
  • Controls spill-over to help keep quiet areas quiet
  • Reduces ear fatigue and employee stress
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