Hospitality Acoustic Treatment Solutions

Primacoustic eliminates excess noise to create a quiet and comfortable environment for your customers



The problem with noisy restaurants

One of the biggest complaints with restaurants today is the ever increasing noise level. This was highlighted in a recent Zagat survey where patrons rated ambient noise as the #2 complaint after service. Hard surfaces such as gypsum walls, windows, tile floors and metal ceilings reflect the sound of voices, background music and production noise back into the room creating a dense reverberant file. In an effort to communicate, patrons speak louder – then yell – in order to elevate their voices above the din. This further elevates the noise level to the point where you can no longer communicate. No matter how good the food, instead of a nice enjoyable evening out with friends, it becomes an unpleasant experience and the patrons never return.

 How can Primacoustic help you?

Absorb excessive reverberation by applying 1” to 2” (2.5 to 5 cm) thick Broadway™ acoustic panels to available surfaces.  As a rule of thumb, applying between 15% to 25% wall coverage will dramatically reduce the reverberant field and improve communication for both the patrons and employees. Broadway panels can be mounted on the walls or Paintable Clouds™ may be suspended from the ceiling. As clouds have two absorptive surfaces, they should be placed near the ceiling to capture reflections making them more effective. Merely add up the surface area of the walls, divide by four and then order the type of panel that best suits the décor. There are a number of benefits that you will appreciate after you have addressed the acoustics in your restaurant. This includes a more enjoyable evening for your patrons, a reduction in order taking errors by staff and an environment that will bring clients back. And in business, the single most important issue is customer retention.

Executive Summary

  • More enjoyable and relaxing space for patrons
  • Improved performance of background music system
  • Less noise coming from kitchen and bar into seating areas
  • Improved communication between patrons and employees
  • Fewer mistakes with orders, thus lower food waste
  • Less stressful environment for employees
  • Better environment attracts higher wage clientele
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