Mipro MA808 New Lithium Battery upgrade – MB80/MB15

Upgrade your existing Mipro MA808 Portable PA to light weight and longer lasting Lithium batteries.

This Kit includes 2 x Battery casings, 8 x MB-15 lithium batteries.



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Key Features:

  • It holds four MB-15/26650/32700 LFP model type battery.
  • Same polarity direction insertion with screws and hooks for secured and easy installation.
  • Standard output voltage 12.8 V ; maximum continuous output current up to 8A.
  • Safe shorts circuits technology prevents overcharging and safe operation.
  • Each battery has overcharge and over discharge protection circuits; overcharge protection voltage 3.9 V ; over-discharge protection voltage 2.0 V.
  • Smart management circuit ensures balanced charging and discharge states.
  • Four 32650 high-capacity rechargeable LFP batteries installed in a MB-80 can be interchangeable with one MB-70 rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. Refer to MA-707/708/808 specifications for charge and standby times.
  • Flame retardant class V0.
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