Organ Envoy 35-F

A ‘Physical Modelling’ based instrument with 35 stops in a real wood veneer cabinet. It has a huge internal library allowing the user to create 4 totally individual voice pallets from classic English through Baroque and Romantic. It benefits from a full complement of divisional thumb pistons and additional toe pistons. This organ also has a full 32 note pedal board.


■ 2 x 61 note tracker touch keyboards, velocity sensitive for orchestral voices
■ 32 note radiating concave pedal board
■ 35 speaking tilt tab stops with hundreds of alternative voices from internal bank
■ 4 preset organ styles (English, Baroque, Romantic and Symphonic)
■ 4 user defined variable styles
■ 18 alternative temperaments
■ Voicing controls in draw under keyboards shelf
■ Dark, Medium or Light oak real wood veneer with solid wooden roll cover
■ Illuminated music desk


Playing Aids:

■ Swell expression pedal
■ Crescendo expression pedal
■ 6 divisional and 6 general pistons
■ 16 capture memories
■ 3 reversible coupler pistons ( Gt/P, Sw/P Sw/Gt) duplicated on toe studs
■ 10 toe studs including 6 general, couplers and tutti
■ 2 sequencer +/- pistons
■ Auto pedal and Gt/Ped enclosed pistons
■ Keyboard inversion and Transposer -6/+5
■ Fully adjustable Tremulants (speed and depth)



■ 145cm (W) x 114cm (H) x 67cm (D), 113cm with pedal board
■ Weight 139kg

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