Rayon R210+ DGRC Mono channel amplified Column Loudspeaker

Rayon R210+ DGRC Mono channel amplified Column Loudspeaker

Max SPL: 94,5dB at 16m
Bandwidth: 120Hz-18kHz
Continuous Power: 300W
5 years warranty


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Single-channel application of the patented DGRC technology (Digital & Geometric Radiation Control), the Ray-On column family comprises 3 models from 0.2 m to 2m in height equipped with a class D power
amplifier. Thanks to DGRC technology, these models yield homogenous sound coverage and perfect speech intelligibility. The elegant design of Ray-On loudspeakers with their finely perforated grid, the ability
to dispose of all colors thanks to a paintable cast aluminium body, and the vertical installation of the columns inherent to the DGRC technology allow achieving optimal results in terms of aesthetics and integration.
Equipped with an analog input and a DANTE input on RJ45 connector, Ray-On + can easily be integrated into complex digital networks.

The internal DSP of the enclosure provides an optimal frequency response. The Ray-On+ column loudspeakers can be used indoors only, enabling them to meet the needs of sound systems in houses of worship,
conference rooms, or shopping malls.

With a height of 210cm, the Ray-on R210+ column has a nominal range of 42m for a continuous power of 300W. Its characteristics are perfect for sound reinforcement in large spaces. Its nominal installation height of
2,4m allows a safety set up in public places. With a similar height and characteristics Ray-on R210+ exists in low impedance or 70V/100V version under the reference Ray-on R210.

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