Rayon Rmini Point Source Loudspeaker

Rayon Rmini Point Source Loudspeaker

Max SPL: 97dB at 1m
Impedance : Low Z & 100V modes
Bandwidth: 120Hz-18kHz
Continuous Power: 30W
5 years warranty

Simulation: https://activeaudio.fr/public-address/en/ray-on-series-simulation

SKU: Rayon-Rmini


The Ray-On range includes four passive column loudspeakers of 0,2 to 2 meters in height, based on the patented DGRC principle. This innovation provides a homogeneous sound coverage and perfect
speech intelligibility over the entire audience area.

The elegant design of the columns, with their finely perforated grid, yields optimum results in terms of integration and aesthetics. Being vertically mounted, and not tilted off the walls, the Ray-On columns remains extremely discrete.With only 192mm in height, Ray-On Mini is the perfect companion for the other columns in the Ray-On range and designed to complement the R210, R110 and R70 in smaller spaces.

As with all Active Audio public address speakers, we focused on intelligibility, elegance and ease of installation. Ray-On Rmini is available in Black or White and can be painted any colour. Like every column of the Ray-On range, Ray-On Mini can be switched between a low impedance mode and a 70V/100V mode and can be used indoor and outdoor.
Ray-On Mini is available in EN 54-24 certified version.

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