StepArray SA300S+ DGRC Multi channel Steerable amplified Column Loudspeaker

StepArray SA300S+ DGRC Multi channel Steerable amplified Column Loudspeaker

Max SPL : 97dB at 20m
Bandwidth : 110Hz- 19kHz
Continous power : 900W
5 years warranty
For tilted audience plane

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StepArray+ column loudspeakers ensure perfect speech intelligibility and optimal acoustic comfort, eve in noisy and reverberant
venues. They are based on de DGRC (Digital & Geometrical Radiation Control) principle patented by Active Audio.Compared with a classic sound system in which each loudspeaker is controlled independently, the DGRC method makes it possible to decrease the number of channels to be controlled, thereby enhancing economic efficiency.

StepArray+ also allows the use of existing network cables and helps to achieve significant savings in wiring, with up to 64 channels on a single Ethernet cable.

StepArray+ combines the features of DanteTM and StepArray to achieve ever higher levels of efficiency and flexibility.

The StepArray control software can be downloaded for free. StepArray+ is the first range of Active Audio products incorporating Dante technology. StepArray+ users appreciate the sound
performance and flexibility achieved by less transmission of digital signals.

Dedicated to step-seated audience, the SA300S+ model delivers up to 95dB SPL with a nominal range of 36m.

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