StepArray SA400P DGRC Multi channel Steerable Column Loudspeaker

StepArray SA400P DGRC Multi channel Steerable Column Loudspeaker

Max SPL: 97dB at 30m
Bandwidth: 110Hz-19kHz
Continuous Power: 490W
5 years warranty
For horizontal audience

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StepArray column loudspeakers ensure perfect speech intelligibility and optimal acoustic comfort, even in noisy and reverberant venues. They are based on the DGRC (Digital & Geometric Radiation
Control) principle patented by Active Audio.

Compared with a classic sound system in which each loudspeaker i s controlled independently, the DGRC makes it possible to decrease the number of channels to be controlled, thereby enhancing cost effectiveness.
It is possible to place the electronics outside the columns, which has the following key advantages:

  • security: electronics can be placed in a secure room, with uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • sharing of electronic between multiple columns
  • easier installation and maintenance

StepArray column loudspeakers are driven by NUT processor and a multichannel amplifier such as MPA 8200 power amplifier. The NUT audio DSP can drive StepArray columns while also providing all the functions needed for public address systems: Automix, AGC, equalization, filtering, mixing, remote control, Speech Conformer.

In room acoustics, when column loudspeakers are highly directional, it is necessary to have several sizes of columns to fit all kind of venues.

The StepArray range offers a wide variety of listening area sizes and inclination to suit all situation.

Dedicated to flat horizontal areas, the SA400P model delivers up to 95dB SPL with a nominal range of 90m.

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