Undercover Area – School Hall Projection Package

Undercover Area or School Hall Large Screen Projection System

Consisting of high-grade components and a simple “one touch” operating system our Undercover Area – School Hall Projection Solution offer schools bright and powerful projection with a fully automated electric screen and a simple to operate wall connection plate.

Your investment for this indoor projection System is protected in a sturdy projector cage, guarding it from ball sports or possible theft.

Our one touch solution eliminates the requirement for complex remote control units that are often lost, broken or require new batteries.

Operation of the system is intuitive and requires very little staff training.

This projection system can also be configured for School Auditoriums, Gymnasiums or other open spaces where bright clear large images are required.

Watch the short video below to see just how easy the system is and the level of brightness that can be achieved in your school undercover area.

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