55″ Open Frame Commercial TV – LG 55XF3E-B

55″ Open Frame Commercial Digital Signage TV

Key Features
  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring
  • Saving System Log Files
  • Smart Brightness Control
  • Slimmer Depth


High Brightness
The high brightness outdoor display maintains high picture quality and image readability in an outdoor environment even when used for continuous business use (24/7).

Outstanding Visibility
Visible with Polarised Sunglasses
QWP* enables clear visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarised sunglasses

Outstanding Visibility
Reduced Blackening
Even under direct sunlight exposure, this LG display is resistant to blackening effects and provides quality images for outdoor usage.

Outstanding Visibility
Smart Brightness Control
The screen brightness is automatically adjusted depending on the ambient light. The brightness is increased in light for better visibility, while it is decreased in darkness for efficient power management.

Product Reliability
High Operating Temperature
Even under high operating temperatures of up to 50°C, it presents clearer images without hot spots.

Conformal Coating
The XF3C signage have been designed with the LG Conformal Coating to provide additional protection to circuit boards in harsh environments such as dust and humidity.

High-Performance with webOS Smart Platform
Quad Core SoC* can execute several tasks at the same time without a separate media player. In addition, webOS 3.0 platform enhances user convenience with intuitive UI and simple app develoment tools.

*SoC = System on Chip

Space Efficiency
The slim depth saves space for installation and makes the enclosure design slimmer.

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