Classroom Acoustic Treatment Solutions

Primacoustic helps reduce noise in the classroom and makes it easier for students to learn and helps teachers to not have a strained voice at the end of each day.



The problem with noisy classrooms

Most classrooms are rectangular boxes that employ solid concrete block wall construction interspersed hard surfaces such as blackboards and windows with a tiled floor. This provides the ideal ‘spawning pond’ for echo and excessive reverberation. As the reflected sound increases inside the room, the lecture being transmitted is lost in the ambient noise. Intelligibility decreases to the point where hearing becomes strained and learning difficult. As this is happening, noise from the air ventilation system kicks in and nearby traffic augments. In an attempt to overcome the noise, the teacher speaks louder, the students talk louder and the problem self-perpetuates. For students with hearing impediments or newly arrived immigrants, comprehension goes from difficult to impossible. The student becomes despondent. This adds a greater level of workload and stress for the teacher and ultimately impacts the effectiveness of the teaching.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Absorb the random noise energy in the classroom by applying 1″ (2.5cm) thick Broadway™acoustic panels to between 12% and 20% of the available wall surface. Broadway panels are made from high-density 6lb glass wool for effective absorption across the voice range. Each panel features resin hardened edges to create sharp architecturally pleasing lines and is fully encapsulated with micromesh to eliminate dusting. Broadway panels are then wrapped in rugged polyester tweed that will stand up to abuse. Installation is as easy as putting up as a picture using Primacoustic Impalers™. Placement is not critical. Should wall space be limited, suspending Paintable Clouds™ from the ceiling is an effective alternative and is done using eyehooks and SlipNot™ adjustable cables. If the room employs a T-Bar ceiling, ineffective common ceiling panels may be substituted for highly absorbent StratoTiles™. These employ the same high performance glass wool construction as the Broadway panels. Should noise from adjacent classrooms, gym or busy hallway be a concern, heavy gypsum-backed ThunderTiles™ provide a remedy that will block sound transmission and provide excellent sound absorption.  Once your Primacoustic panels are in place, you will immediately notice the reverberant field (RT) will be significantly reduced and noise within the classroom attenuated resulting in a more comfortable and effective teaching environment.

Executive Summary

  • Better speech intelligibility improves student comprehension
  • Lower noise in the classroom creates a more comfortable learning environment
  • Students with hearing or learning disabilities will be given a greater chance
  • Less ambient noise reduces stress for the teacher and students
  • Lower classroom noise reduces vocal stress and sick days
  • Class-A smoke and fire tested for safe use anywhere
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