Hospital Digital signage

Create digital signage in a matter of minutes with the easy to use content management system Fusion Signage and publish the content to your screen.

Digital Signage is a great way to display any health updates for your hospital, medical centre, recreation centre and more. With the Fusion signage system you can have your screen flick between different updates whether that’s covid case updates, opening times or urgent notifications. You can also schedule your your content to only display on your digital signage screen at specific times or on specific days.

Digital signage screens can come in a range of sizes and some screens can go in portrait mode as well as landscape.

Screens can be installed in a range of areas including wall mounted screens, window displays on a fixed floor pole, mobile trolleys and more.

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Fusion Digital Signage Content Management      

Easy to upload and update content with Fusion Digital Signage Content Management Software. Customise or create templates and publish within minutes.

Features of Fusion Signage

Scheduling & Grouping

Scheduling, Grouping and Dayparting features allow you to plan your content ahead of time. For precisely when you want.

Unlimited donuts between 8 am – 10:28 am every second Thursday? Firstly, yum. Secondly, have your screens update without you around.

Automate for seatings – use the dayparting function to automatically update content at certain times of day. Think: breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Simply set and forget. How easy is that?

Have multiple venues across different locations? Kudos to you! With Grouping you can manage an entire group with one click.

  • Schedule your content ahead of time
  • Daypart content automatically
  • Group screens together for quicker management

 Cloud Based access

cloud-based software allows you to access and manage your account from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime. And that’s not all. If your internet drops out – don’t fret! Your latest scheduled content will continue to run even without an active internet connection.

  • Cloud-based access
  • Content continues to play offline
  • Local caching of content

Drag and drop editor

Quality templates within the Fusion Signage website with drag and drop editor for easy use.

Your designs will stand out and look professional.

 Extremely cost effective

Affordable annual subscriptions with different subscription plans available.

Unlimited users

Add as many users to your account – you read right, unlimited users! You can then choose management permissions to restrict or allow access per user. You can even export user log reports to view everyone’s actions within your account.

Want to further protect your account? Set up 2-Factor authentication and ensure only authorised users have access. Or, if you’re a Pro account holder, set up Single Sign-On connected directly with your Active Directory.

Screen control

Each screen requires its own licence in order to be added into your portal. Once added, it only takes a few clicks to control the Playlist or Schedule assigned to each screen. Or (better yet!) update all screens at once with our handy Grouping feature. You’ll also have access to all your screen data, including the application version, licence type, the online / offline status (featuring a 14-day graph!), and more. All the screen management settings you need.

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