Large Room Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Solution

Our Large Room Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Solution, includes:

  • The Logitech Rally Bar all in one conference bar for Medium – Large Rooms
  • The Logitech TAP IP Touch Controller – network connected
  • 2 x Additional Microphone Pods for expanded audio coverage throughout the room. (Can be ceiling mounted, ceiling hanging pendants or table mounted)

Please call us on 9228 1681 or enquire today to have one of our sales team members come out and view your premises to quote on a solution suited to your requirements.



The Logitech Rally Bar is an all-in-one video conferencing bar, featuring brilliant optics, automated PTZ, and high-performance audio for medium to large meeting rooms.

The Rally Bar can be used for BYOD and/or Appliance Mode Rooms. With the built in Android you can use your preferred video conferencing platform, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, RingCentral and others.

In appliance mode, your room will have a specific room licence dedicated to that space. Paired with the Logitech TAP IP, network-connected touch controller you can seamlessly start and control your meetings at the touch of a screen.

Additional Microphone Pods

You can add up to an additional 3 microphone pods for larger rooms to have expanded audio coverage and provide convenient access to mute controls.


Logitech TAP Touch controller:

You can wall mount, table mount or sit your TAP on the table through a table box.


Add a Logitech Tap Scheduler Room Booking Panel, to streamline reservations for user convenience and walk-in connectivity. You can easily check availability of the room by the colour light on the side of the panel.

The Booking Panel can be installed on glass or the wall.

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