Rayon B70TC – Single Channel Sound Bar

Rayon B70TC – Single Channel Sound Bar

  • Max SPL: 97dB at 5m
  • Advantage of B70TC: Optimised horizontal coverage
  • Bandwidth: 120Hz-18kHz
  • Continuous Power: 75W
  • IP55
  • Paintable

Simulation: https://activeaudio.fr/public-address/en/ray-on-series-simulation

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Rayon B70TC – Single Channel Sound Bar

Based on the expertise of Active Audio in the field of directivity control by loudspeakers arrays, the Ray-On B70TC sound bar focuses on the directivity control of loudspeaker alignments on the horizontal plane.
The elegant design and the finesse of the B70TC enclosure combined with its horizontal laying mode allow to obtain an
easy and aesthetic integration.

B70TC is designed for the sound reinforcement of longilineal spaces such as corridors, shopping alleys, railway plateforms, subway stations, meeting rooms.
The directivity of the B70TC provides excellent intelligibility, even in reverberant and noisy spaces.
It also allows to limit the noise pollution on the adjacent areas: neighbourhood of station docks, shops in a shopping arcade, screens in a museum, Visio-Conferences spaces in an
open-space offices…

The ray-on B70TC operates in 8Ω and 70/100V mode, and is certified EN54-24.

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