Univox Loop Pad System for domestic couch or cushion

The Univox Loop-Pad can be used under counters or desks for commercial applications, or under a cushion or sofa for domestic use. The Loop-Pad contains 10 series connected cables enclosed in a grey durable fabric. 10m cable with 2 pin DIN to suit CLS-1 loop amplifier. 400 x 400 x 5mm.

The Loop Pad is paired with a Univox Automatic Loop amplifier for domestic use. No settings, no controls, no fuss. The loop level is based on a real time analysis of the relation between the chosen loop solution and the created field strength. Two inputs via 3.5mm jacks. Loop connection via spring terminals for loop cable or 2 pin DIN connector for Loop-Pad. AGC and hidden (bottom panel) level control for fine tuning. Very compact (150 x 100 x 30mm).


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