Chair Personal Loop System – Ampetronic


The Ampetronic DLS is suitable for use in the home or office, wherever you might need to hear entertainment, communications or alarms. The amplifier can be installed in any indoor environment and used wherever you want to be.

The Ampetronic DLS transmits sound directly to a hearing aid or receiver as safe and invisible magnetic waves. The sound can be received when the user is within a loop, which can be very small ? as small as a single chair or sofa ? or which can be around a room or area up to 5 x 6m or 30m2 (a larger room or area can be used if a lower signal strength is acceptable which will depend greatly on your hearing aids or receiver).

The amplifier can take up to 4 different sound sources simultaneously, from a very wide range of possible sources including televisions, telephones, computers, doorbells, alerts and alarms, allowing you to fit the DLS system to match your lifestyle.

Kit contains connection cables, installation kit including 35m reel of cable, microphone and power supply. Other accessories available. DLS Domestic Loop Amp Associated Products

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