Portable PA Service

Includes the following:

  • Internal and external clean
  • Clean and test terminals and connections
  • Blow out all accrued dust
  • Lubricate all contact points
  • Test CD player functionality
  • Test cassette deck for playback & record
  • Test and document built in battery charger
  • Test and document internal batteries (full load, charge, discharge and re-charge)
  • Test radio microphone/s functionality and transmission
  • Check for broken or missing battery covers, charging draw etc…
  • Check and document general condition of each unit
  • Replace batteries, covers etc…if required
  • Provide quote for any other parts or modules requiring repair or replacing
  • Re-assemble and charge and test system over 4 hours

Cost: $160 (drop off to the 3 Monkeys office or pick-up and delivery surcharge)

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