School Automated Bell & Alert Systems

Never miss another school bell! – 3 Monkeys AV can custom design & install effective and simple to use automated School Bell/Paging Systems, complete with Alert Tone Generators.


  • Programmed timer with your school bell times—up to 50 events per day.
  • Includes Australian Standard Tones (Bell, Evac, Alert, etc…) OR ANY tone, voice, music or audio message of your choice.
  • Easy 1 button Evac/Alert.

3 Monkeys Audiovisual can custom design & install effective and simple to use Automated School Bell / Paging & Lockdown Systems, complete with Alert Tone Generators.

You can even have music as your school bell or alert sound…. The kids will be skipping to class!

We pre-program your school bell times and provide training to your staff so they can update and change these times, tones or music as required. All of our systems are backed by our 2 year warranty.

Your control system and microphone can sit in the comfort of your reception area making it easy to address school alerts and notices. This system is easy to use with only 1 button operation for Evacuation/Alert for lock downs or fire drills and paging information school wide.

Speakers are installed both indoor and outdoor throughout your school hallways, classrooms, offices, undercover area, gymnasium and more. The School Wide PA system is flexible, durable and reliable.


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7 Day Timer With Lockdown & Fire Alarm Control:

A timed audio announcement, lockdown and fire alarm controller all housed in a convenient 1RU rack mount chassis. For scheduled announcements a total of 200 “event” switching times are available through the timing functions. Each event can be set to turn on from 1 sec up to 24 hours. When a timing event is activated, an MP3 audio file will be played with 99 playback folders to choose from, which include bell, prebell, music and folders 5-99 on the included micro SD card. If more than one MP3 is in a folder the MP3 will be random played. Timing events can be programmed on the unit or with included PC software. The timing events can also be programmed to only trigger the Bell 24V out (and the common 24V out), with no audio output.

The lockdown/fire controller is designed around industry standard building emergency requirements. When connected to a paging system amplifier, building occupants can be alerted and/or evacuated in the event of an emergency e.g. fire, gas leak, bomb scare, earthquake.

The lockdown, fire, bell tones and cancel function are triggered by the front switches, external wall plates (see below) or by the rear terminal contacts for remote activation. Switched 24V DC Out connections are provided for bell, lockdown, fire or a common out. These contacts are for connection of override relays in remote volume controls, warning strobes, bells etc.

The units timer and bell times can be remotely managed over a local area network (LAN) or virtual private network (VPN) using A 4498 ethernet adaptor pack.

Key Features:

  • MP3 for bell, prebell & music timing output.
  • Emergency tones conform to AS 1670.4
  • Random play of MP3 for prebell and music triggers.
  • Easy PC based timing event setup
  • Local & remote triggering of lockdown, fire and bell.
  • Provision for connection to A4660 touchscreen paging console.
  • MP3 voice over message (available in the lockdown and the fire cycle)
  • Switched 24VDC outputs
  • Pluggable screw terminal connections
  • Auxiliary level output
  • Battery backup of current time
  • 24V DC operation
  • 1RU 19” rack case
  • Suitable for any amplifier with aux input
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Australian Designed and Manufactured
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