Condor Microphone Array- Phoenix Audio MT600


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Condor Microphone Array with built in SIP phone.

The Condor is a beamforming microphone array with a built-in DSP. Designed to provide a clutter-free solution with multiple interfaces for audio pick-up, this microphone array is perfect for huddle-rooms and open spaces.

The Condor is compatible with any speaker or sound bar.

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The Condor is a 48-inch wide multi-microphone array with a pickup range of up to thirty feet. It also features a built-in SIP phone, which can be controlled using a dedicated application that runs on your smart device.

Created with the goal of de-cluttering conference rooms, the Condor eliminates cumbersome devices and wires from the conference table. It can easily connect to any video conferencing system and works with web applications such as Skype, Vidyo, etc. Any type of loudspeakers can be used, including external sound bars or your monitor’s internal speakers.

The Condor deploys multiple directional audio beams, covering the entire room. An additional short range beam picks up those standing close to the array. It is DSP-based with a full suite of algorithms that operate on each of the beams, including echo and noise cancellation.

The Condor will completely change the look and dynamics of conference rooms.

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Dimensions 121 × 12 × 12 cm

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