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Acoustic Treatment can turn your room into a functional space for a home studio,



The problem with home studios

Turning a spare room into a recording space is one of the most satisfying endeavors a musician can undertake. A nice sounding room allows the creative process to manifest itself and in no time, it becomes an oasis that enables one to hone the craft of recording.  The problem with these small rooms is that all too often, the musician will record a track and quickly discover that the final mix does not translate well when played on other audio systems. As they are not aware of the true nature of the problem, they will often opt to purchase a new microphone or latest generation mic preamplifier under the false pretense that this investment will ‘solve the problem’ when the real problem is not the equipment, but the room itself.  Most small home studios are square or rectangular spaces with highly reflective walls and windows that reflect sound from the monitors and instruments causing disruptions known as comb-filtering and flutter echo.  This makes applying echo and reverb uncertain. The direct sound from the nearfield monitors that we want to hear competes with powerful first and second order reflections which make positioning instruments across the soundscape a challenge.  Comb-filtering causes certain frequencies to cancel out or combine causing peaks and valleys making equalization uncertain.  Without room treatment, your ears are blind.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Primacoustic offers a variety of London Room Kits™ that are scaled to fit just about any room. Unlike low density foam panels that only absorb high frequencies and will leave your room sounding uneven, Broadway™ panels are made from high-density glass wool for even absorption across the musical spectrum.  Each panel is fully encapsulated in micromesh with resin hardened edges and then hand wrapped in a rugged, acoustically transparent polyester fabric. Panels are mounted to the wall using Impalers™ and strategically positioned to minimize primary reflections and flutter echo. Because the London kits employ the same high performance panels as used by top recording studios and broadcasters around the globe, you can start with a basic room kit and enhance your setup over time as your needs expand. Once in place you will find that recording will be easier, the use of effects more predictable and your mixes will translate better when played on various audio systems.




Executive Summary

  • London Room Kits are available in a variety of sizes to match your room
  • High-density glass wool for even absorption across the musical spectrum
  • Attenuates powerful first order reflections and reduces comb-filtering
  • Controls flutter echo to enable better judgement when adding effects
  • Your mixes will translate better when played on other audio systems
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